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Rear and front bikelights and road safety Answered

A good bike rider learns from good and bad experiences during the initial rides. I pedal a bike on busy roads of my city. I realized that bikelights, especially the rear ones, are crucial for safety purpose. I got a backpack with solar panels and it has got a LED light as a rear bikelight, but it’s too dim, and the tail light sounds nothing like a good indicator for motorists. Either I would need suggestion on a bikelight safety kit or something else. I could do with my self-powered backpack. Is there is any DIY idea to replace it with a more bright option?


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6 years ago

Sometimes I wonder what might be wrong with old school tech?

Solar, digital, electronic....

I only have a tiny recharable battery in my light and use a dynamo to power them, if I stop they battery takes over for up to 5 minuts, which is enough for me.

Otherwise I produce the power needed just by rolling along with the bike...