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Receive arduino midi controller notes with android Answered

Hi, I've made a midi controller follow this:


It works fine on my computer and all of my DAW like Cubase, Mixcraft and...

But when i connect my Arduino Usb cable to my computer (Only for power cause i'm not using batteries) and my Usb to midi cable to my phone, My midi keyboard does not produce any sound, I use many different apps like Midikeyboard, Perfect piano, Midiscope, Walk band and etc... But it doesn't works...

What is the mistake?

Note: When i connect my midi cable to my computer the red led on the midi-to-usb cable switch On only when i play a note but when i connect it to my phone the red led always stays On! [See attached image]

Note: My phone supports midi keyboard and running on android 6.0.1.




1 year ago

Anybody can help?