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Recent Collections Answered

I just published my first collection today, and I've noticed that it doesn't show up in the recent feed when "all types" is selected. You have to choose collections only in order to be able to see recent collections. I also noticed that none of the recent collections have been featured. Obviously they don't all deserve to be featured, but it seems like collections may be getting neglected because they aren't showing up on the recent feed. 


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5 years ago

I think the real issue here may be that the "all types" label is deceiving. Now that the different types of instructables are basically extinct, perhaps the default should just say Instructables and you can change it to Collections if you want. I do recall when the collections dominated the recent feed and that isn't desirable.

Better yet, there could be two separate sections of recent ibles/collections on the same page similar to how the front page has featured ibles in one section at the top and a section of contests at the bottom.