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"Recent" over ALL topics Answered

Please PLEASE bring back an option to see the recent ibles over ALL topics.

At the moment i have to go like

- Choose topic (Like Circuits)

- Click "Featured projects"

- Click "Recent"

And this for all 7 topics...

I would really like the old instructables.com/recent back. Showing the recent ibles of the whole site.


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

Reply 1 year ago

So, this means to get back the /recent of old, i have to subscribe to ALL the channels to make my feed = "all" ????
Sounds like a solution although a crappy workaround-solution.

Edit: Wow... F me... I would have to subscribe to 205 (!!!!) channels to get the /recent back. This surely cannot be the solution for all the paying (!!!) users of this site who browse by /recent and browse thru all the multitude of instructables of all sorts to be inspired and discover new and cool stuff...
Honestly, i wont renew my subscription if there is no usable option for /recent
Consider a longtime paying customer gone. I wont be the only one as it seems... What a shame. It was such a good page and it lost a LOT of its charme and usefullness by removing /recent


1 year ago

I strongly support the return of "instructables.com/recent". Part of my daily routine is checking the recent instructables to see if something interesting has been posted, alongside checking my mails and a few news sites.

The suggested way of subscribing to every single channel not only requires being logged in, it is highly impractical and a lot of unnecessary work, thus making it user-unfriendly.

I welcome being able to customize a feed, but reject the notion of:
a) Having to log in to see *all* recent instructables
b) Having to subscribe to each and every one channel
c) Having to regularly check if new channels have been created, which I'd need to subscribe to so I'd see *all* recent instructables
d) Having to open a tab for each major topic to see recent instructables there without logging in

Please consider reenabling this functionality. The inability to easily see what's new over all categories at once with a single click or link puts a hefty damper of my interest in the site. Breaks my bookmarks, too.


1 year ago

The new feed feature is pretty cool and looks like it was a lot of work but I also miss the “recent” overall categories. I used to check a few times a day! I keep going to /recent hoping it will be back!