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Recess a medicine cabinet? Never cut wallboard before. Answered

I have a stud finder, a friend with proper type of saw for wallboard. Need instruction


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11 years ago

Locate where you want to put the cabinet. Don't put it on an outside wall since that wall should be insulated. Locate and mark the stud locations. Search vertically as well as horizontally. There may be crossbracing. Mark the cut lines. I would put one side of the cabinet against a stud so you could screw into that stud and the sheetrock would not be all that was supporting the cabinet. Turn off all of the electricity at the breaker box. Carefully cut a hand sized hole in the middle of the future opening. Very carefully put your hand inside the hole and feel for pipes, electrical wires etc. that might be in the way of your opening. You want to find them now while the hole is small and easy to patch and before you cut through them. If you don't find anything in the way then you can cut away and install your cabinet.