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Rechargeable LED Strip Lights off a 12v DC Battery Answered

Hi Guys,

Here in South Africa, we have something called "Loadshedding" which at the moment involves daily 2 hour long blackouts (usually at night). So I need to build an LED strip light setup that can run off of a 12v battery for at least 2 hours and that can be recharged when the power comes back on. Ideally I would like the battery housed in a box (out of sight) with a connection on the outside of the box (to be connected to an adapter to recharge when necessary) as well as a switch.

Does anyone know the easiest and cheapest way to accomplish this? 




4 years ago

Easiest thing to do is to get a car or motorcycle batteries to give you 12v. You can then trickle charge them during the day from the wall and even hook them up to a solar charger. Good luck.


4 years ago

You can also get "solar shed lights" mine was just 20 bucks at the local hardware store and gives enough light for about 4 hours before it goes a bit dim.
If you want to go just battery, LED's and charger:
Check how much amps the LED strip need.
If it uses for example 2.2A it means a battery with 10Ah would give enough juice to run them for about 4 hours.
For daily use it might be best to use so called "deep cycle" batteries as they are designed to be charged and discharged on an ongoing base, while normal batteries (like for a motorbike) are designed to give a lot of power for a short burst but they don't like the constant discharging and charging too much.