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Recommendations for mounting a 2.5" HDD in a small space Answered


I'm currently trying to put together a small computer. I have a very limited space in which I can fit the motherboard and a few other components. Most of it kinda fits, but i'm not entirely sure how to mount the hard drive.

The HDD is a 2.5" one like this one, with those dimensions:

L:  100mm
W: 70mm
H:  8mm

And once I exclude all the space taken by the other components, i have about that much space to fit it in (including the mounting parts):

L: 170mm
W: 40mm
H: 75mm

See the attached illustrations I made to get a rough overview of the space in the box.

Note: I can technically extend a bit out vertically (height-wise) as the cover has a bit of gap inside but probably no more than an extra 15mm.

The drive has screw holes on the sides and on the back (cf. the linked WD page) so there's a couple of options there.

I'm not really sure how to go about this. I may be able to salvage some metal mounting parts from an old desktop but I would have to do some cutting to it and I don't have much room to move around for the mounting part.

Another of my concerns is it'll be difficult to attach/remove the drive if I need to, because the bottom screw will be very hard to reach. Maybe there's a way to make a mounting rack where one part slides off to make the screws more accessible, I don't really know.

Do you guys have any suggestions? How would you go about this??

I would much appreciate any tips, suggestions or even comments.




8 years ago

How often are you really going to need to remove the drive? Often times in a very compact PC build/mod all you need to use is a bit of double sided tape. I'm not talking about the cheap thin double sided tape or even the foam padded stuff that always leaves crap behind when you try to remove it. I'm talking about the heavy duty stuff. The Scotch brand 4011  mounting tape. I've used this kind of tape to mount windows in PC cases. If you need to remove the drive at some point a putty knife or razer blade will help to pop the drive loose.


Reply 8 years ago

Thanks, that's not a bad idea.. would definitely be easy.