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Recommendations for safe pneumatics? Answered

I'm looking for a pneumatic setup for an air tank and a blow gun that is safe enough to use around school kids.  I want to provide pneumatic feedback to give the sensation that they were hit by a small gust of wind.  Safety is the foremost concern on this.  What size tank, psi, and regulator should I use?  Also can this small 'gust of wind' be controlled from a USB port?



8 years ago

I know that in the lab we did demonstrations with air at 6 bar aimed directly at someone's hands so that should be safe of skin (but test it before letting it loose on kids). The face in general is more sensitive so you van screw it down a bit if you expect people to get the nozzle close to their face. Tank size probably only affects the volume of air you have available. The regulator should permit sufficient flow for your objectives within the pressure range you will be using. Sorry I cannot be more specific.