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Resourses to learn about what's going on in the tech projects? Answered

Hi, I'm new here to instructables. I will like to firstly start off and say that I think of myself as pretty tech savvy. I do seem to know the most about technology in general (especially computers) at my school. To be honest though I do attend a small school. I know I'm FAR from understanding everything about technology, but technology in general intrigs me, and I'm always curious to learn more about it. I recently discovered this site and saw all these cool inventions people were making (especially in the technology category in my opinion). I understood the basic concepts of them such as using leds and stitching them in clothing's and stuff like that, but after realizing people are using things called "arduino's" and other chips and such to do all this, I had no idea whats going on. I am little informed on electrical and computer engineering. So call me stupid if you'd like, but does anybody know of any resources that could help me learn and understand things and such of what's happening? 


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7 years ago

For microprocessors I suggest you read through this  Although not directly associated with the Arduino system it is a very similar system and the principles apply.