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Recovering files from a hard drive of a damaged computer. Answered

Hey guys and gals,
My toshiba laptop took a dive off the counter and  it doesn't power up anymore.  I ordered a new laptop and I would really like to retrieve my files from the damaged computer's hard drive.  I had a friend take it out and put it on two laptops, one of them being another Toshiba but no luck.  I wasn't around when he tried it but I think he said that  it wouldn't read the drive and it would spit out error messages.   Not sure if it has something to do with the fact that the old, damaged computer was a 32bit and the ones we tried to put it into were 64. 

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on what I can do?  I had just bought an external hd and I had not saved any of my pictures, videos, documents, or songs yet.   I don't want to lose everything.  Please help.

Thanks in advance.

oh, btw, I know very little about computer/tech stuff so please explain it accordingly.   thanks again



8 years ago

Recuva is a free program that is excellent for recovering pictures, used it on a jump drive and two old hard drives, it's not fast so if the drive is big it can take a few hours so plan on something else to do. It's worth the wait as it will find pictures you have forgotten about.


Reply 8 years ago

I was under the impression that I can plug a hard drive that was installed on one laptop and just switch it to another laptop and retrieve the files and copy them to an external hd.
When I do the switch it won't even let me get as far as opening it. Will this program work even if the computer doesn't allow access to the hd without throwing codes and errors?
Thanks for response btw. I can't believe that there are no other computer savy guys on here that can offer some assistance.


Reply 8 years ago

Try it, like I mentioned it's free. It did work on some old hard drives that had problems ( can't remember the exact problems )