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Recycle Nexus 7 2013 display module? Answered

I once got my Nexus 7 (2013 version) broken and fixed with a screen replacement. ASUS gave me back the display.

Good news is, only the touch part is dead, the LCD display is still good. Is there any way that I can reuse this part, as a side screen to desktop computer for instance?
P.S: I'm using iMac at the office so it'd be great if the hack is applicable on Mac.


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5 years ago

Unfortunately there is no way to reuse screens from small devices such as smart phones, tables, or laptops. These screens are designed to work only with the hardware of the device they came in. Problem is every brand and model uses a different screen. There is no demand for reusing these screens as they tend to be a throw away item. So no one makes any kind of controller that can work with any of the screens.