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Recycling a printer's laser Answered

My laser printer stopped working.

I opened it and took the useful parts out (motherboard, cables, ...). I checked some project ideas and got really interested in connecting my raspberry pi and the LSU (laser scanning unit) to experiment with it.

Since I think it is not gonna be easy, do anyone know how to connect a laser to a raspberry?

Here are the specs of the LSU:


The laser's board is a 94v0 / 1794v0, it has a 5 pins output. But I can unsolder it from there to have a 3 pins led.

(I'm sorry I'm not good at this ^^" trying to learn)


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1 year ago

If you want to scavenge the printer, be sure to get all the MANY motors out of it. Also, my printers were the main source of my screw-bins of all sorts and sizes of screws.


1 year ago

What is your goal?
It is quite easy to just drive the motor for the mirror head.
Same for replacing the lser diodes with a visible one or just adding nother one with optics near it to get a laser line.
But then again this would be easier with just a round rod in front of the diode optics...
If you plan to use it for your own little laser show then it might be hard.
The controller uses the information (pixels) for a single line in reference to a single face of the mirror drum.
As it changes the angle the LED turns on and off for exver pixel required on that line.
For example if you would want to produce a line of morse code on your projection screen you have to time the LED to the exact point of the mirror face.

If you want to experiment with the laser diode then I strongly advice against it!
Invisible IR light is used and it is quite powerful, in fact powerful enough that even scatter light from it can irreversible harm your eyes!
Without proper and suitable protective goggle you risk going blind quickly and trust me once you feel a discomfort in your eyes it is already far too late.
To actually see the laser light you would need a camera that is sensitive enough to show up on it.
Keep the optics and motor if you want to play but get a colored laser with the corresponding safety googles for the fun.