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Recycling fabric into fillingmaterial. Can it be done? And how? Answered

Hi there,
This is something I've been wondering about and maybe you'd like to share any ideas on the topic.

Thing is this: There's two things I use a lot: Fabric and fillingmaterial.

I mostly use Fiberfill for the best results. It's smooth, springy, soft and light. Great stuff. However for big projects it's costly.
Now I also use A LOT of cheap fabric. After cutting it a lot of spare pieces remain. The bigger ones I can still use but the tiny bits (like in the picture) I throw away because I have no use for them. And I feel bad about it, because it seems so wastefull. I hate wasting things.

So what I'm thinking is this: is there a way to grind the spare pieces of fabric into filling material?
Offcourse, I could just take all those spare pieces and use them as filling materials as they are, but as they lack the springyness (not sure if this is an actual word, sorry if not :) of Fiberfill, the result is bumpy and heavy and you'll need a LOT.

Now there is a cheaper alternative for fiberfill, I think they take foam matresses and pulverize them. It's a bit springy but still heavy and extremely messy to work with.

Now for those spare bits of fabric:
- What would be used to grind them?
- Is there a way to somehow bind them, so it becomes a substance simmilar to fiberfill? Like gelatine, but for non-edible purposes?
(grind'em, bind'em)

I have no idea if this can be done (at home) but if you have any ideas I'd be happy to hear them. I think a lot of people would be happy with an inexpensive, recyclable filling material!!

Material for a great instructable if you ask me :D



5 years ago

I've seen scraps of fabric turned into fluff in a blender - however, you can only process very small amounts at a time, and the racing motor gets quite hot.


Reply 5 years ago

Fluff, sounds good! But I fear my blender wouldn't survive. Was it an everyday household blender or a special kind?


Reply 5 years ago

Just a normal one, the kind with the spinning blades in the bo