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Recycling from A to Z Answered

I love to do what I can to help the environment, and I love helping others reduce their impact. I found an A to Z guide to recycling on the Real Simple website.

Recycling made easy
From aerosol cans to zippered plastic bags. I definitely recommend you read this.

Aerosol cans. These can usually be recycled with other cans, as long as you pull off the plastic cap and empty the canister completely. .........Zippered plastic bags. Venues that recycle plastic bags will also accept these items, as long as they are clean, dry, and the zip part has been snipped off (it is a different type of plastic).

photo from Realsimple.com


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12 years ago

Another thing you can do with aerosol cans is attach a schrader valve and use then for compressed air (like computer dusters, but without the nasty brain damaging gases)