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Red dot scopes: I cant quite chose Answered

I am looking to buy a red dot scope, nothing too pricey, but nothing too crappy either. I am buying it off of amazon along with my vest, and i am stuck between 2. the first one is a barska on the following link:  


the other one is also a barska, and is on this link:  


If you could look at both and help me chose, or suggest another red dot scope between $30 - 40.  If you own either of them, please tell me what you think of it. If possible, i would like to know if either of them need a riser mount to clear the m4 front sights



Best Answer 9 years ago

i think they are both basically the same. on the other hand, i would recommend go for ten dollars more, and getting one from cabelas. also, get risers, definetely. the only problem with them is that they limit maneuverability. my personal choice would be to forget a red dot sight al together, because i find them pretty useless. but its up to you.