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Regarding the SoapQueen TV video on bath salts am I only able to buy SLS online or would a local store have it possibly? Answered


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9 years ago

Depends on where you live. I know its sold online, but there are a lot of people who are now trying to buy products without SLS due to the controversy surrounding it and potential health hazards. In its pure state as a chemical compound it is known to emit toxic fumes when excessive heat is applied. It is however nowadays found in many detergents, bath and beauty products and many household products as it creates a foam and lather. The scare I guess is that over time, exposure to such products in a hot shower for example could cause health issues.

Now whether or not making bath products with this is a concern is entirely up to you.

That being said, if you provide your locale, I might be able to find you a source which sells it, but you may be able to do the same, as Google can be your friend. :)