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Regarding the itunes ringtone capabilities... Answered

I've noticed you can create ring tones from your favorite songs in iTunes if they were bough through the iTunes store. I'm not great with computers, so please keep it simple. :) I want to know:

1.) Will it work on any computer?
2.) Cost?
3.) How do you transfer it to a phone?
4.) Can you put the same one on multiple phones for no extra cost?
5.) How's the quality?
6.) Is it only for the iphone? Or can I use it for my T-Mobile Gravity?

Thanks for your input!


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Best Answer 11 years ago

1) yes.. anything ith itunes
2) depends on the song.. (i remember it being $1.29 a pop)
3) don't know.. i doubt it.
4) i believe it is the same quality as the mp3 downloads, just converted for a ringtone, and cut off at whatever length
5) iphone only.

for the t-mobile gravity, i would imagine that one of those ringtone maker programs will work. i know on all of our at&t phones, any song that is under 300 kb can be set as a ringtone. your phone might be the same. google it or call t-mobile.