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Registration and password update accepts a password that cannot be used on the site for logging in later Answered

According to "How to Submit Bug Reports" here come the details: (A)

Registration and password update accepts a password
that cannot be used on the site for logging in later

1. Acer laptop, T4400 Dual-core CPU, 4GB RAM
with Win7 (6.1.7601) Home Premium x64 Service Pack 1 running

2. Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:33.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/33.0

3. Instructables dot com Signup

4. Screen shots attached

5. Steps to reproduce:
go to Signup, enter a valid e-mail address You remember and
enter a random password e.g. 34 characters long, containing A-Z, a-z, 0-9,
and some special characters, e.g. #%'(*.:?@
(I can send You the exact passwords used upon request)

You can repeat this as many times You wish with the useful feature called Forgot Username/Password -> You will get the code, You can enter another password like the above and still cannot login. Another strangeness was to me that the 'restored' account had a totally different username from that I originally entered when signing up. Interesting 'phenomenon'. This does not happen with other types of passwords (weaker passwords)

Suggestions & ideas:
while I did not check page source, input field checking might need improvement.
(Bobby Tables: A guide)

Another thing (B) is that SSL on the site 'has its limits'

B.1, B.2 Same specs apply

B.3 Instructables dot com Signup via HTTPS

B.4 I trust Your imagination, maybe there is no need for a screen shot

certification provided by DigiCert (High Assurance CA-3)

Steps to reproduce:
- reset or check out certificates in test browser
- just open the site via https://

Suggestions & ideas:
the website could use StartSSL Free or StartSSL Verified Certificates

An issue connected to this one is that theSSL Signup page is useless anyway, since captcha cannot be seen and/or entered the via the HTTPS version... (screen shot attached)

Suggestions & ideas:
make the captcha work on the https page and redirect signups and logins there by default (and then redirect back to http if the original login request came that way)

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