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Reinstalling GPS Drivers During Hardboot on o2 XDA Zest phone to out of box factory settings Answered

Hi, I use my old o2 xda zest phone evey day as it has an usefull inbulit gps system that i use for navigating the roads that i'm unfamiliar with.  I feel the gps drivers may have become corrupt as the phone tends freeze for a few momentst until a strong satellite signal is received. 

I want to return the phone back to its original just out of box factory setting by hardbooting the phone. Before i begin  I want to ask!  If i hardboot my windows mobile xda zest phone are the drivers for the inbult gps receiver automatically installed during the hardboot or will i need to down load them from the web later to install them?.  Im asking since i dont want to perform a full hardboot to discover my gps drivers on my phone have been lost forever ! 

Have you hardbooted your xda phonein the past.  please let me know.

Thanks for replies in advance.



7 years ago

Well after not recieving any replies on this subject i decieded to hardboot the phone and it appears to have retained the gps drivers and clear any software faults it may have had before the hardboot.