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Relay control board for ROV Answered

     I'm working on a control system for my ROV and I'm not sure what to do. I plan on having 2 wires for power then a cat-5 cable for control of relays/ video. Does anyone have any ideas, schematics, or plans for a relay based control system...

Inputs to controls:
- 12v boat battery
- 5 pairs of 22 AWG solid wire

ROV side hardware:
- 3  500GPH attwood bilge pumps modified with 60mm model boat propellers
- 1 A/V camera
- 2 3 LED lights (9v per 3)

  If anyone needs any extra information... The ROV is based off of the SeaFox ROV from www.amazon.com/Build-Underwater-Robot-Other-Projects/dp/0968161006

Please realize that it uses a near similar frame but different motors.
Thanks to all who help.

Citing and stuff:
- ROV picture - homebuiltrovs.com


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10 years ago

I'm not offering any answers, but that looks like a really-nice build.