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Remote Control Help for DC 12 volt motor? Answered

I have a motor that I want to go forward and then reverse by wireless remote. Can you folks help with an easy and cheap way to do this! I'm very limited when it comes to electronics so I need it simple. Thank you Keith



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11 years ago

Go buy a cheap R/C car, and strip it for it's circuit. Avoid the 27MHz band, go for the 49MHz band. The worst you will get is a single-channel, dual-function controller via remote from those cars that only turn in reverse. Use SCRs as main drivers (solid-state equivalents to relays) so that the mainboard is merely signaling changes instead of handling the current you intend to switch. Don't forget that the receiver and transmitter need their own power-supplies. Anticipate the probability of a malfunction if kids play with R/C cars in your area...An alternative is to use garage-door openers for a more specific frequency control.


12 years ago



An H bridge is a dc-dc connection that swaps the polarity of the input/output wires on demand - thus reversing the motor. It can be done with mechanical switches, relays, or better yet, transistors. You have to take care not to wire them in a particular fashion or they become a direct short circuit thru your transistors/etc easily blowing them. Protection circuits have been developed to alleviate this issue.

As for the remote control part...anyone? anyone?