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Remote Control Need Info On How To Build It? Answered

I what to start a project to build a fast and strong remote control small car about 1.5ft with - 2 ft length - 1ft in height at highest point going down to at about a 20 degree angle. and on that a flipper going across the 1.5ft with. I wood like it to travel at up woods of 20 mph and very agile with two weals and a couple of casters at the front.

I need help on what to get and were to get them from. 

Thanks if you can help.


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Best Answer 11 years ago

You need to build a frame of steel and cover it with panels of steel also.  The flipper should have lots of power and operate quickly with a fast reset time so pneumatic and hydraulic are probably out of the picture.

You need big batteries for power installed low to keep the center of gravity low.

Your receiver needs to control 2 drive wheels and the flipper.  A redundant receiver might be a good idea since it's going to be the weak link in the chain. 

Mount every thing heavy duty.  Wide drive wheels and strong motors.  Industrial casters in front with steel wheels.  Steel wheel will slip on the concrete and will allow you to turn faster.

Check the rules on design carefully before you get too far so you don't have to rebuild this thing.

Good luck with you battle bot!


Answer 11 years ago

You might be able to save a little weight by using aluminum (or aluminium, if you're in the UK) instead of the steel panels, but you sacrifice a bit of puncture-resistance. Also, you could probably use a 2-way pneumatic piston to get a quicker reset on your flipper, but you use twice as much air that way.

Alternately, wedges with flippers are done to death, mostly because they're reliable and effective - but not all that interesting to watch. If you want a real crowd-pleaser, build a spinner. They're harder to drive and prone to sporadic bouts of catastrophic imbalance, but when they connect you get maximum bang for your buck, and when they fail, they fail spectacularly.


11 years ago

thats helpful but iv bin looking around and i havent found any cheapish steal or aluminium thats any good for what i want any ideas were i can get it from ??