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Remote Controlled LED Bank? Answered

Can someone explain what I need or direct me toward an appropriate Instructable for this?I want to make an IR remote controlled RGB LED light strip bank. I want it to switch between two colors, when I press a respective button for each. Or would making this radio controlled be easier? I don't want to buy one of those strips that has a remote control, I want to make it myself, and only have it change between 2 colors. What components do I need to make this, and how difficult would it be? Some instruction or diagrams would be really helpful. Thanks!



7 years ago

To make it you will need:
appropriate resistors
control circuitry -- likely microcontroller if you want remote control
transistors or mosfets, or relays to allow the control to switch the leds on and off,
If exclusively a switch between 2 colours then a "latching double throw relay" could switch between the two, requiring only a quick pulse to switch.

infrared/wireless remote system. Building your own isn't feasible to explain in a few sentences. Something that can output a pulse when the change is required if using the latching relay.
Wire to hook everything up
substrate/pcb/something to mount the leds on

I know it's not what you want to hear but the sum cost of all of the above will be almost guaranteed more than an entry level manufactured product that is tested and safe. Cost may not be your only decision point but given the time and money both, the premade strip is ideal.
I really recommend ebay or dealextreme's strips.

Higgs Bosonfrollard

Answer 7 years ago

Couldn't you use infrared LEDs that have different wavelengths and receiver modules for the two, and then have the control circuit use the transistors? That way you wouldn't need to use the microcontroller.

frollardHiggs Boson

Answer 7 years ago

you'd have a hard time differentiating between 2 different frequencies of infrared.