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Remote control Transmitter and Receiver Don't Match Commands? Answered

I have a great Baby Truck of Radio shack that's Running very good. But now baby lost the Wireless Remote control. Which operates at 27 MHz Frequency. After losing remote I buy a remote of same channel Frequency from shop to operate my baby Truck. That's a Quad Control Transmitter. When I operate It Truck move forward only with any command back left or right. But and other RC car move absolutely perfect.
What is the reason behind it please give my good suggestions to solve this issue.


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4 years ago

The transmitter sends out the channels in a set order. It looks like the order you transmitter is sending is different to what your receiver expects.

It MAY be possible to rewire the receiver to make it work as you expect BUT you stand some chance of making the car not work at all - so if you do this you do so at your own risk.

Sort out which transmitter controls are controlling which things on the car.

In my picture I show channel 1 controlling the steering and channel 4 controlling the motor forward and back.

IF these ar the wrong way round you can swap the connections over to make it right.

These may be soldered or if your very lucky they will be plugged in to the receiver and easier to change over.

ADVICE. take a picture of the wiring BEFORE you do anything so you can put it back the way it was if needed.

Click on the image to show it full size.

TX RX.jpg

4 years ago

Different command or sounds used, simple as that.
Transmitter and receiver must match to work together.
That is why the remote for your Sony TV won't do you any good on the Samsung TV in the bedroom ;)