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Remote control cars over the internet (UPDATE) Answered

Thanks to everyone on the original topic of RC cars over the internet.

I came across this site with 2 RC cars that can be controlled freely over the internet.

I will be using an arduino connected to a computer (Host) via USB. The host computer will be running a clean copy of ubuntu 9.10.

But I need help on the following..
- What to program onto the arduino
- How to get the host talking to the arduino
- How to receive commands from a client (you) and then to the arduino
- What needs to be done to a basic webpage for you the client.
- How to host a webpage

some of this stuff I already know but advice will be helpful.

the live webcam feed can be run on any provider that runs at fast frame rates.
Red5 might be an option since the site on top uses it.

Here is what Letapjar, one of the site mods on the RC-Carduino sites had to say.

"Hi folks, I'm one of the site mods at the RC-Carduino site .  A couple of quick things:

1) we use an arduino b/c it was the quickest/easiest way to get the webserver talking to the micro-controller (and it's only $30 for a dedicated arduino for this project - this is  a long term project for us so $30 is a small investment)

2)remote server is no problem - just forward the HTTP requests to the local machine that's connected to the arduino.

3)here's a link to the code to talk to the arduino from another program:
in ubuntu make sure the apache user is part of the 'dialout' group to talk to the serial port. - another option is to use a serial proxy as described on the arduino.cc website. (we haven't tried that yet).  Design a simple protocol (ours uses single ascii characters for each movement direction - easy and we can use a switch/case statement to interpret them quickly on the arduino)"

Happy Hacking

sorry but I still don’t understand what to do..
And, I really am a newbie on the arduino stuff.


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8 years ago

You may want to take a look this project that I created for a senior project during my undergrad. I used an Arduino UNO to feed the rc transmitter and an Ethernet shield for communication over the internet. further info including all source code can be found at


Good luck!