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Remote control transmitter and reciver? Answered

I saw a instructable on how to get free eletronics and need the number of a 4 channel variable speed transimtter and reciver (for example 555 is a timer) preferabley 27 MHZ. If you know the part number please post it in comments.
Thanks David.



8 years ago

This has been said many times this isn't a realistic option. Your closest bet is something like an Xbee.Tx Rx set up BUT that isn't RC.

They don't cost much these days. Buy a commercial set. Your not going to build one - If you could you would.


Answer 8 years ago

Im not trying to build one. I want the number of a commercal set because I think I can get a free one. If you have the product number of a commercail set please tell me.


Answer 8 years ago

AND? if your not using it to build an RC system What do you want it for?

EVEN with the relevant ic's your still not going to be able to make it work at a reasonable cost.

MOST manufacturers use their own custom chips or circuits that's why they are sealed under a black blob.

At 27Mhz this is about as easy as your going to get.


Simple and cheap components. BUT I am guessing you don't know how to modulate the carrier with 4 channels or how to decode them so you can get the servos to work??

There is a whole lot of reading ahead for you so you can understand what your trying to do. -

http://www.howstuffworks.com/rc-toy.htm -

good place to start. Honestly it is very unlikely your going to get a 4 ch TX RX system to work for less than $200

You should be able to find something like this for $40