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Remove Video Answered

i want to remove my video from porn website ?


Josehf Murchison

4 years ago

Ex getting revenge or did you get hacked?

If you were a willing participant in the publication and signed a release you may not be able to do a thing.

Doesn't matter witch contact the website administer and ask them nicely to take it down.

If they refuse threaten them and there internet provider with copy right infringement if they do not have a release from you.

I am sure they would enjoy paying you every penny they received plus costs and a $250,000 fine with jail time if they are a country with a copyright agreement with your country of origin.

If you know who posted it you can sue them if they do not have a release signed by you. Even if you are a willing participant without a signed release they do not have permission to publish or a royalty agreement with you.

The problem, No copyright agreement with the country of origin and you can be toast as for as the internet provider or website and you don't know who posted the video.

Now I understand you are in Pakistan I do not know what the law is there but if the website or the provider is in the US contact the FBI, If the website is in Canada contact the RCMP.

Especially if this was an act of bulling we take a dim view of cyber bullying here in Canada and the RCMP can and will hunt down cyber bullies wherever they hide on earth if need be they get their man.



4 years ago

You'll have to contact the site directly.