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Removing Warts Answered

Hi, I’m having trouble with a wart. The wart has been removed for awhile now, but my skin where it used to be grows back hard. Can someone please help me? It really irritates me.



4 months ago

You could try putting some honey on it then cover with a band-aid, repeat every 12hours. just make sure you get honey from a bee keeper not from a super market, as supermarket honey is often fake, and has no medicinal propertys


4 months ago

If it grows back hard then it could be a sign it is growing back.
Had troubles years ago after getting infected in a hotel spa.
One was particular nasty as it started to grow inwards so to say and in a spot not properly checked by the doc.
With all the pain from the surrounding and removed warts it was quite late diagnosed.

The doc tried the freeze method first to remove what he could.
Two weeks later it was decided to do an ongoing treatment with acid.
When it runed out to be too far done it had to be surgically removed.
And I mention this because because I think mine appeared like yours.
Mainly just a really hard area but flat, not itching or otherwise irritating.
Well until the hard skin becomes the irritating factor and grows out.
Some warts love to embed themself in very bad tissue - bad for you that is.
Especially if one was not fully removed this can cause them to go very deep into your tissue.

You can try the usual after care options assuming you just have to deal with some badly growing skin.
Soaking the are until you get the granny look on your skin should soften it enough to see what is going on.
Just skin will appear white and be quite soft then.
If a wart is still hiding under there then only the top layer of that hard sking will be softened.
The tissues underneath will appear more like aforeign object in your skin.
If so then your best option is to go back to your doc and discuss option to a proper removal.

Last but not least there are these over the counter remedies...
The freezing stuff might help to some extend but only for warts that are not going too deep.
Those tinktures based on salicylic acid and similar do work but required patience and time - plus a great deal of care to avoid destroying the healthy tissue around the wart.
The later can be tricky if it is going to deep.
In some countries you can still get these wart sticks - a dark brown or black wax like substance.
Those act like a strong acid and they are banned in many contries due to their side effects on the healthy tissue and of course because they can be harmful if they enter the blood stream where too much damage was done.
Handle with care and if in doubt select a doctor with some expertise on the matter.