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Removing a teeny/tiny iPod/iPhone drilled screw Answered


I have been doing some repair work on an iPod Touch 3G. One repair I'm having to perform is the power button which is totally unresponsive. This required removing some very soft tiny screws at the bottom of the device. Unfortunately, one didn't survive the screwdriver and quickly chewed up, which means I've had to drill it using a drill bit, which took a surprising amount of effort.

The problem now I have is extracting the final stem which is still screwed in. The stem isn't flush with the metal but it's not far off, making it hard to grab using pliers.

I'm looking for some suggestions how to remove it. I've read that cutting a thin screwdriver in half and gluing it using super glue is a way. Another way seems to buying an extraction set but the only one I can find in the area looks far too big (despite having a precision piece).

Thoughts? All suggestions welcome.


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5 years ago

I subsequently had to drill the rest out, which means I'll have to use some sort of adhesive tape or something to keep the replacement screw in (no thread anymore). Oh well.


Reply 5 years ago

Hi Antzy,

I'll give it a go later, but it might be a bit beyond a dremel. There's not a huge amount of material showing. I was thinking of drilling it with a really thin drill bit, to see if I can get through the middle.