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Remy Martin game????? Answered

We have been having a bit of a clear out & been selling a few bits on eBay but before I listed this I thought I had better have a go at confirming my idea as to what it is actually for.
My better half & I picked it up with a bunch of other stuff when we had our pub, it had no box, instructions or anything else with it & to tell the truth it has sat on various shelves gathering dust ever since.
I think it is a connect four type game but I have had various suggestions made with other theories varying from some sort of score counter to an indoor bowling kind of like thing?!?!?!?! Maybe?????! Duh?
I have had a bit of a browse around the interweb & found nothing; I looked on the Remy Martin web site, again nothing.
As there is nothing in the pictures to give any scale I will say the box is a little over 11 inches long & 8.5 inches high when opened it has a total of  34 balls 17 each of dark & light wood & a tray at the bottom of the slots which releases the balls when removed.
So what do all you clever people have to say about it? I am open to ideas & theories but what I would really like is some sort of evidence to back your ideas up.




Best Answer 8 years ago

Google Is Your Friend. It's been sold on eBay for about fifty bucks (US), and the pictures are identical to yours. The game is apparently "captain's mistress", and predates the commercial Connect Four by a few decades.

Nostalgic Guykelseymh

Answer 8 years ago

I had figured it would be something like that, to be honest I hadn't had a look online recently & when the subject came up again I thought it would be more fun to ask on here.
Thanks for the help :-)


8 years ago

It's connect four, but possibly by another name.