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Renewed pro on May 21, now I have an email saying it's about to expire Answered

My pro membership  expired on may 21. I had a free 3 month pro membership pending from a featured  project which kicked in automatically, extending my pro until August.
But today I got another email saying that my pro membership is about to expire, and it's going to roll over  to another pending pro membership. This would only give me 10 days of use from the  3 month membership..

This is my current membership:

Length 3 Month Pro Membership 
Started on May 21, 2012
Given by Instructables Robot (Gift code: science*****)
Ends on Aug 22, 2012

This is the text of the email:

Hi eclipsed,

Your current Instructables Pro membership is about to expire.  It will automatically roll over to your gift membership "trace****".  You don't have to do anything.  This email is just to let you know.

Thanks for being a part of the Instructables community, and for supporting DIY and Instructables!

Instructables Pro Robot


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8 years ago

It's a bug and we're working to fix it!

I just double checked and the dates in your user information say this 3 month membership doesn't expire until August - everything looks fine!


Reply 8 years ago

Thanks, ShadyLogic sent me a PM about the server clock issue that caused the mistaken email alerts. :)