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Repairing the Surround of a 10 inch speaker. Answered

I want to know if installing a surround to a 10" speaker, can you install it under the cone or on above of it? Or the way it came? Thanks


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

11 months ago

I am guessing you are using the word, "surround" to mean, "box" or "enclosure." It is basically the thing that holds the speaker, and protects the speaker, and helps direct the sound from it too.

Although I am not picturing these different positions: "under the cone", "on top of it", "Or the way it came."

However, I am hopeful that if I point you to some links, those pages might have the answers you seek.



Also I tried asking the Let's Make search about this one, and I think, "woofer box" are the words it likes best.