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Repairing an Ipod connection Answered

I have a 5th gen IPOD video and while I was replacing the hard drive some of the prongs on a circuit board connection (the thing the ribbon wire connects to) broke off. Now the ribbon wire will not stay in place, the ribbon wire goes in but is not very secure. I was wondering if there was any quick and easy way to fix it. I may need to replace the part and solder a new one in..I personally do not know how to do that but I know someone who can. I just don't know where I could pick up a new part...any ideas?


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11 years ago

i guess its simple pins connection like standard IDE just smaller if you dont intend to play too much with the cable use bits from network cable instead of pins take the broken pins out (usually no need to take out the entire connection) solder in pins cut from the cable use plated wires - ones that look aluminium color and not copper color. the copper ones oxidize and may fail soon you can bend the wires to make some possible other connections if it is so broken that its like life or death and justifies a last time solution - solder wires from board to the cable bypassing the connection. this solution is tobe used only as the last hope some connections can be found in lots of devices that use transparent band cable - like lcd monitor and cdrom. but its really hard to resolder those connections without damage