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Replace LED indicator on charging pack of cordless drill Answered

I have a B & D model RD1440 cordless drill. I recently had new cells put in the battery pack and it works great. My charger is FS14C and it has an LED charging indicator light which no longer lights. I would like to know the correct specifications to replace the LED. Can anyone tell me what is the proper replacement part and the correct way to replace it?


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1 year ago

So... The LED indicatior in need of replacement is in the FS14C and NOT in the RD1440?
Chances are, there is something else problematic than the LED itself... A LED normally doesnt blow just like that... There is propably a problem with corrosion on the PCB or something blew with the new cells (Maybe too high of a current and therefore too high of a shunt-voltage killed the comperator-circuitry to handle the LED?)

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Your story seems strange to me, because I would not expect a LED, as an indicator light, to ever fail.

What I mean, is LEDs are robust, especially when put in a circuit with only small currents pushed through them. By small current, I mean a fraction, like 1/3 or less of the LED's maximum rated current.

Which I guess brings me to the topic of LED specs. The only specifications that truly matter for a LED are:

(1) physical size (so it fits in the same hole, 3 mm (aka t1), 5 mm (aka t1+3/4)diameter are common sizes)

(2) forward voltage drop (measured in volts (V) , which also corresponds to color)

(3) maximum forward current (measured in milliamperes (mA) )

The only other thing that matters is getting the polarity right. Putting a LED in backwards will not hurt it, but it won't light up if it is put in backwards, because no current will flow. After all, a LED is a diode. It only allows current in one direction, but not the other.

Anyway, replacing a LED is trivial, almost. I mean, you might have that particular LED, or one close enough (e.g. red, 5mm, whatever current rating), in some other piece of electronic junk, already in your possession.

It is just like I said at the beginning, it seems strange to me the indicator LED failed. I know you probably do not want to contemplate other possibilities for why that indicator light is not turning on, but I dunno, maybe you will discover other things (perhaps a broken wire? or burned resistor? ) as you proceed.

Also I think I found some pictures of your charger thing. I stole them from here,


and I will attach these pictures to this reply, because I think these will add to the discussion, for the readers of this forum who lack the clairvoyance to just "see" these things, without having to look at pictures.

Also I noticed the authors of that page selling replacement parts, they included the word, "retro" in their description of your cordless drill, and I have to wonder at that. Does that mean your drill is kinda old? Ha!