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Replace sounds on greeting card sound module Answered


I recently purchased this item from ebay.

It's a "30s Light Sensor Record Device Module Music Box Sound Chip For Greeting Card"

It comes with a pre-recorded happy birthday song.

Now I want to change that song and I am pretty sure it can be done somehow, because I can see some connections available, except I am not sure what they mean and how to use them.

The seller responded that there is no documentation and if I want certain sounds I have to send them the files and they will record them for me before shipping... which is ridiculous... I want to be able to change the songs when I please.

The connections marked on the board say:

Any suggestion could help.



3 years ago

Without know the connections, protocols and supported audio formats you are out of luck.
Take it as a learning experience and for the next time research your product a bit better.


3 years ago

Hmm, I guess it might be a case of caveat emptor, know what you are buying. That is a bare module and they do state you can get it customized - minimum order 50 pieces. The recording sound modules for a buck more do give the user the ability to re-record. It looks like this is the module with the control buttons and audio input jacks stripped off so you cannot access the chip for recording a new sound. Some other modules have software you need to download to record a new sound but don't have any notes on how to connect to USB. Unless you can dig up the datasheet - and not knowing what chip is under that black blob - you might have a tough time figuring out how to connect to it. Good luck.