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Replacement flanges for 2002 Ranger exhaust? Answered

I'm replacing the rear half of the exhaust on my 02 ranger. (consists of the intermediate pipe the muffler and the exhaust pipe)
There's a spring load gasket asssembly between the exhaust pipe (going to muffler) and the cat. converter.
The flange on the cats pipe is rusted out.
Anyone know if a split flange repair kit (or something akin) is available.
I'd rather not do a chop job (remove the flanges on both pipes and install a flex pipe etc.)



8 years ago

Well I can't tell you if a split flange repair kit is in fact available on a 2002 Ford Ranger, but what I can tell you is I had the same problem last winter on my vehicle. Actually the intermediate pipe had a hole in it and needed to be replaced, but the problem was the bolts were completed rusted-welded and wouldn't budge.

I was able to go to an inexpensive auto retailer and purchase the intermediate pipe along with the gaskets and flanges that I needed, and then took everything over to a muffler shop.

The guy had to heat the heck out of the bolts until they finally broke and then he drilled out the mounts.

All in all he charged me $50 to install everything. They charge by the hour and the time he needed was pretty minimal with the tools they have at their disposal.

So I'd suggest you try the same thing. It may save you a lot of headaches.