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Replacing a garbage disposal? Answered

Our In-Sinkerator disposal is shot (15 years old) and I want to place it with the same model. Is this something I'd be better off having a plumber do? I'm pretty handy myself.



10 years ago

. I replaced mine a few years ago and it went without a hitch. A lot will depend on the piping. If you have unions/slip-joints installed and they are in good shape (probably not after 15 years), it's an easy job. . Be prepared to replace a lot of piping and fittings. If the piping looks in rough shape, you may want to consider calling in a pro. . Follow tightening direction - too tight can be as bad as too loose. The things are heavier than they look - be prepared. Pay particular attention to the gasket on the sink.


Answer 10 years ago

Strange that no one seems to mention these things in "how to be green" type of "Instructables"? L