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Replacing black ink with colour ink Answered


I'm trying to do a uni project and I'm not having much look at the moment.

What I want is for the ink in the black cartridge to be a colour ink instead of black. It did seem to work but now it's not.

I flushed the cartridge with water several times to clean it out and then placed magenta ink in and the first through prints it started to print the Magenta but then stopped and how all it seems to do is leak from the cartridge and flood the base.

The printer is a HP 1220c using HP 45 Cartridge which has the print head on the actual cartridge.

Can anyone suggest anything?




4 years ago

Get a new cartridge. They only last for so long. After a few flushes and refills they wear out. Refiles don't always work.


Reply 4 years ago

Thanks for you reply,

Im not trying to refil the ink but instead change the ink. I want to create a one colour print printer where the use has to mix the colour first and then using an inkjet to print that colour. That make sense?


Reply 4 years ago

I understand what your trying to do. Essentially your taking a
cartridge, removing the existing black or using an already empty one and
refilling it with a different color. So you are refilling them. After
using it for a while and refilling it they wear out. The bottom of the
cartridge opens and closes pours with heat. And those pours wear out over time allowing ink to leak out. One it's been flushed and reused a couple of times it's hit it's end of life.


4 years ago

If you do a lot of printing it pays off to get a big ink kit.
No sure where you are, but something like this should do it.
This way you can actually print in magenta without the worry of the expensive triple cartridge running empty.
I used a similar system on an Epson printer back in the day.
Paid 15€ per tank refill - but the external tank was 120ml....