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Replacing capacitors with different rating? Answered

Hi! I am trying to repair a computer monitor....it has 2 capacitors that are blown. I have a replacement for the first one, but not for the second one.... My question: On the capacitor it says 330μF 25V, can I replace it with another type of capacitor? Wich number is important, the "μF" or the "V"?



Best Answer 8 years ago

They are both important. The 330uF you should stick to the same value. But the 25V is the voltage rating that the cap can handle. You can use one with a higher V rating but not one with a lower V rating. So a 330uF 50V will suffice. But a 330uF 10V will be a problem. The uF is the capacitance of the capacitor and was chosen by the designer for a particular reason. The circuit may not operate correctly with a different value of capacitor. The Voltage rating is the voltage the capacitor can handle.