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Replacing capacitors with different rating? Answered

Hi! I am trying to repair a computer monitor....it has 2 capacitors that are blown. I have a replacement for the first one, but not for the second one.... My question: On the capacitor it says 330μF 25V, can I replace it with another type of capacitor? Wich number is important, the "μF" or the "V"?


Electric Spectre1

Best Answer 8 years ago

Both numbers are important. The V (voltage) must be the same as the old one OR larger. If you make it smaller, it will blow again, but sooner. The other number, uF (micro Farads) must be the same value, so 330uF. If I were to do this, I would get another capacitor rated at 330uF but maybe 30 - 50V because I have read that capacitors blowing in monitors is a problem lots of monitors have but apparently is fixed/or increased time interval been blow outs by increasing the voltage. Make sure its close to the same size though, otherwise you may not be able to get the outer housing back on, but it depends completely on size constraints (Laptop, flatscreen or CRT). If you are only up-ing the voltage rating a little, then the size shouldn't increase much, if at all.