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Replacing drive/fan belt in my HP Pavillion? Answered

Can I (who am a nuts and bolts) person be able to replace my drive belt in my 4-year-old laptop? I feel this should be a straight away operation, am I going to have any problems doing this? I'd like to know if there is anything I might run into getting access to components. Regards



2 years ago

Laptop with a fan belt, that's weird !

Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

I forgot to mention, regarding the question of where to find parts. The answer to that question might be, eBay.

I mean, I would expect laptop parts to be somewhat hard to find, e.g. this fan drive belt, if you have to replace it.

Anyway, it always surprises me, the kind of peculiar, obscure parts, the China and Hong Kong eBay sellers have available, and that they'll sell to anyone, often at dirt cheap prices. Where I live, shipping from China and HK takes like 1+1/2 months, but the prices are usually worth it.

Also on eBay, ordinary people sell broken, for-parts, laptops of all kinds, although these people are maybe gouging you for the cost of shipping, or ripping you off in other ways, like by selling parts they know are broken, but feigning ignorance, with words like "AS IS - I HAVE KNOW[sic] WAY TO TEST.

And who knows, maybe HP actually sells some parts too? Although, I would expect their selection of what they do sell to be sparse. Also they kind of have a bad reputation for exorbitant high prices for their parts, the ones sold by them and officially "branded" or whatever, in particular for printer toner and ink cartridges.

Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

Do you happen to know which HP Pavillion laptop you have?

HP has made tens, maybe hundreds, of different laptops, all with the name "Pavillion". See, here:


By the way, I was sort of looking at RickHarris's reply, and only one of those pointed to a computer with a fan belt. It might be the one of the Pavillion G7 series?

Anyway, if you can find the maintenance manual for your laptop, i.e. the manual that explains how to take it apart, I think that would be step in the right direction.

Also there is maybe a good chance there exists a Youtube, or other, video of somebody taking apart your laptop, ... provided you can discover your laptop's true name.

That's kind of the first step.

Jack A LopezJack A Lopez

Answer 2 years ago

It just occurred to me, your use of the phrase, "straight away", that phrase is used more often in British English than US English. It makes me wonder if I should be pointing you towards the same url, but with "gb-en" in it, here,


I am guessing they're selling the same laptops in both those countries, but I dunno, it's just weird, or maybe annoying, how they make a thousand different versions of the same thing. I probably already mentioned that.