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Replacing keyboard's ps\2 connector. Answered

I have a very good keyboard whose ps\2 connector is missing. I mean that where the connector should be there is now naked wire.
I can't find any ps\2 connector but have a spare mouse. Can i attach the connector from mouse to keyboard and if so how?



Best Answer 8 years ago

The PS/2 connector is a "miniature DIN connector"; searching for it under that name might help you find someone who sells it.

Yes, theoretically -- assuming all the pins are present -- you could transplant the connector from a mouse. The problem is going to be finding out what color coding your keyboard's cable uses; that may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, or even from model to model.

The pinout for the PS/2 connector, and the most common color combinations, can be found at https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/PS/2_connector. The only _really_ reliable way to check this is to either have the missing connector, or to open up the keyboard and figure out how it's wired so you can identify what each color is connected to.


8 years ago

Thanks for quick answers everyone.
@Vyger i got the keyboard from a friend with the connector still intact. While trying to attach it to the cpu my bro broke two of its pins completely. When i found it he had cut of the connector and was trying to attach a usb connector from a spare data cable. Repairing is just a hobby so thought it was worth a try.
@orksecurity Can you give a few pointers on how to figure out the wiring on the keyboard?
@seandogue The missing connector is gone so can't check the wires there. Is there any way to identify which lead goes in which pin?
@avadhut10001 I am trying to reuse what i have. I already have a working keyboard and this is sort of a hobby project. Thanks for answering though.


8 years ago

I am curious, how did it end up being "naked wire"? If you still have the end then you can splice it back on. Since anything you do is going to involve splicing wires its the simplest thing to do.
If it is an acquired keyboard that you never used its possible that its bad. Someone may have cut the end off to make sure that someone didn't try and use it. Defective keyboards can burn out your USB chips. I have seen it happen. Before you try to do any repairs you need to know if its worth it to bother. Good keyboards are pretty cheap now, and if cost is a factor there are refurbished wireless KB for very reasonable prices.