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Reply to Comment does not work for 3rd comment+ in thread Answered

The reply-to comment link in both the e-mail notification AND this link


do not work IF it is the 3rd comment or more in a thread.

This bug has existed for a few years and has dropped off the radar at Instructables for some reason.

It is extremely annoying when replying to an ongoing give/take discussion in the comments.

Can someone take a look at this again please??

The only way around this is: after you have have received the notification email is:
-navigate to the above link: https://www.instructables.com/you/?show=COMMENTS
-click on the comment on the left under the comments label which you think corresponds to the e-mail you just received.
-wait 5 seconds for it to find the comment in your Instructable.

This is an example of the problem from an e-mail I just received:
reply: https://www.instructables.com/you/backtalk/?action=reply&commentId=CHODZSKI9UE2TLV


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