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Repulsine - the great mystery... Answered

Even before the repulsine saw some attention during WW2 there were sightings of what we know call the classic UFO shape.
Be it in Austria, Poland or other places in Europe, people reported weird disk like thing with a dome flying around.
What leaked in images and documents after the war shoed that the repulsine looked basically identical to what people saw as a UFO in the sky over big parts of Europe.
Then again, the repulsine appearently never made it a usable stage, same for most jet fighters at the time and still they flew around...
If we now just take it for granted that actual test flights really happened back then you might wonder why we did not see any after the war anymore.
For most critics it is a simple sign of facts and "confirms" that the replusine might have been a nice idea but never anything that really left the ground.

As said, I often like to dig deeper and in this case the digging took far more years than what I planned on.
I can not provide any solid proof for the following but I am sure even a sceptic will come to similar conclusions after reading it.
Try to find some "eye witness" reports from people who saw the so called "Roswell UFO".
Yes the one that made Area51 so secret and famous...
Reports can be boiled down to some essential features of the hull, for those who saw it proof that it is alien.
Three distinct round shpes on the underside, like you add the bottom of an egg to a round disk.
Said disc of the bottom was also shaped like a wing, or the flying disk toys our kids like to play with.
On the other side the shape grew up like a half shphere with an added cone or round top on it.
On these area they claimed to have see engine outlets or similar and appearently the top cone was spinning in another direction than the rest of the UFO.
Now I am no expert for Roswell but if I leave area and time out then I could have been fooled to think these people discribed exactly the same thing people saw a few year eariel flying over Europe.
The Roswell UFO was not from another world, just stolen from the looser of a really bad war.
What was seen was a working Repulsine, be it an original or something the US created from the 5 prototypes that disappeared after the war.

Ha, ha, good one, then why don't we saw them flying after this anymore?
Well, for starters it was a testflight gone wrong.
Presumable it was planned to be limited to Area51 but the pilot lost control.
Considering the Nazies appearently did their best to kill everyone involved in the project before the aliies arrived it is no big surprise.
What that test flight would have shown is the impossible manouvers people already witnessed over Europe.
90° or more turns at full speed instead of making a turn like a plane, sudden changes in alitude as well as accelleration on a level that makes even modern rockets blush.
And if it really was the first bigger testflight they did it explains the big secrecy about the Roswell incident and what followed and created Area51 as we knew it.
A "weapon" capable of these things would mean total dominance and options to impove planes and more.
So why did they not even do that - or did they?

The repulsine was created based on what we call today fringe- or pseudo- sience.
If there is only one peroson, or a few that can even understand the claimed working principles that it can't be science as we know it.
So, lets take a look what things were already heavily used in the repulsine that "we" claim to have developed or discovered decades later.
Coanda effect.
When air travels over a surface then it will follow the surface.
You can try this with paper strips and blowing on them as well as a stream of water and some shaped objects.
Long known but never found any real use until the military picked it up.
For example air inlets were then developed to utilise the coanda effect.
Remember how a lot of them these days look like a ducted fan housing?
The round and slightly conical shape of the inlet will actually act like an airfoil and provide lift - of pulls forward in the direction of the air flow direction of the engine.
I supercars we use it to create more downforce and better aerodynamics.
Venturi effect.
Again a very old one but funny enough also a major factor to make a jet engine work.
Tesla turbine.
In the Repulsine the rotating copper disks acted like a huge Tesla turbine by using a similar effect.
The space between the disks got smaller and smaller towards the outer perimiter.
Due to the fast rotation the molecules were accelerated and this created a partial vacuum.
We use these principles today for specail vacuum pumps but also in military applications.
Without harmonics and resonance the Repulsine would have been impossible.
And at a first glance it seems we never made any use from that bit of the machine.
Then why do we design exhaust systems in such a way than already the extractors ensure a pump like action and controlled backflow?
The sound a good exhaust makes is also based on using the harmonics created by the explosions in the cylinders and expanding gasses.
We learned that it is far more efficient to use harmonics and resonance in an exhaust system from somehwere ;)
The repulsine was said to have emitted a bright glow during certain movements or speeds.
To create plasma we need a lot of energy, not so much however if the plasma is a by-product anyways.
We learned that a high enough voltage differencial in a vacuum can create a nice plasma arc.
From there things like analog TV monitors were created.
But we never made anything that creates plasma for any use in an atmosphere.
Well, unless you start to check supersonic rocket engines and other things.
The working principle is very, very close here in some applications like the ramjet.
Vortex energy.
Today we see all vortex energy stuff as a free energy scam or at best a waste of time.
But from the inlet to the outlet the entire Repulsine utilised what we now know as vortex energy, vortex math and so on.
The air is twisted and spun around so many times that it is hard to keep track - but it always happened in a harmonic and resonant fashion.
In some way this is implepemented in very expensive cars to keep the ventilation system almost silent even at full power.
If you ever take an expensive car apart you might wonder why the air system is not as smooth and straight as you would have expected to get this silence ;)
There is more but the list would become too long ;)

So, if the repulsine was really that great then why was it taken apart to only utilise fractions of it in other things?
If you have something really great that combines a lot of things then no one would suspect if you "developed or discovered" some of it in other projects.
And to give you a very bad comparison for the other way around:
If you know how to combine a petrol engine with some long blades then you could fly!
I know, we did that already but you get the point.
I can give you a motor and blades but that would not mean you could build a plane or even helicopter!
At that time and still today something like a Repulsine would upset the "balance of power".
If claims are correct then the engines of the repulsine were only required to provide the enrgy for directional changes or speed but it flew on "free energy" as the main engine system.
In lame words like a jumbo jet that only needs a small engine for the hydraulics and electricity...
Another big problem is the replication even if you would have a complete and working model to disect.
You see most parts were brazed or welded as screw or rivets would have been problematic in certain areas.
Other parts like the Kudo horn like intake systems would even today pose a challenge if you want to replicate them 100% correct.
And if your understanding of science and physics greatly differs from those who originally created the thing...
If your understanding tells you a dice has 6 sides (we all know that) but in my understanding it would have 16 then you would never understand how my dice rolls ;)
Bringing true free energy of any form into this world is only allowed if someone can still make good money from it.
Just check solar cells and wind generators - we all can have them but our providers make sure they have enough of them as well ;)

Will we ever see a fully working Repulsine again?
Of course !
Some people like old cars, some collect old planes or old machines and tools.
A great project for people in the right trades is always to build thier own little steam engine.
So to say as a reminder of how it all started.
Same will happen with the Repulsine as the first really utilised free energy machine the world had.
The war and killings were not what really scared the world.
This happened and will happen over and over again to various extends.
Really scary was once certain people realised what might happen if over there the war would end with a victory and people would have time to develop for peaceful things instead.
Without the war or this idiot Hitler a peaceful war would have taken over the world by storm.
Those making sure we know nothing else but paying for our fuel and energy would have lost their monoply.
Times change though...
We destroyed our world with our needs for fossil fuels and electricity.
What is left we destroy by chopping it down, digging it out or just by building new estates on prime farm land.
People are now more desperate then ever to find ways to reduce their energy bills or enviromental impact.
Otherwise Google wouldn't make billions on all the fake free energy videos out there.
But what would it take to recreate the Repulsine?

The person able to come up with the understanding of at least attempting to build one again would need to have certain qualifications and titles.
He or she would hold a Nodel price for completing some of our known laws of physics or for finding some of the still missing ones.
It would be a quite hard to understand and like person too, maybe even highly autistic.
The person would also have an addiction like need to complete things, add the missing bits.
And of course a totallydifferent understanding on how nature and the universe work.
David T. from England is such a person, or at least the closest mankind can offer so far.
He can see math in his head as shapes and images.
Complex math problems appear to him like developing landscapes in high detail.
He even learned to speak icelandic fluently within 7 days!!
Imagine such a person would develop an interest in the old pioneers like Schuberger, Newman, Tesla and so on?
Where we normal people fail to see any relevance or connection a guy like David would be able to literally see how all these inventions and ideas connect.
He would be able to SEE the math behind it!
Knowing how something was supposed to work and combining what is known through patents, drawing, videos or reports would enable such a person to make conclusions.
For example where we might just see a nice pattern when we throw a stone into an undsturbed lake such a person would also already know and see the corresponding math the created the waves and why they were created exactly like this.

Assuming David has no real interest in such things, then is it possible others already try?
Sadly yes and even worse they do it with kids.
Learning methods that are different can bring great results.
For example while we use a calculator for big numbers some kids attend really strict and performance based classes to do this with an ancient abacus!
After years of hard and often painful training they are able to it with a small abacus that only has a single row of discs.
Shortly after they graduate to a virtual abacus - they only twitch their fingers in the same motions they would use on the real thing, but the disks and rods are all just visualised in their heads.
That however is all meant as an improvement and the kids do it because they want to and not because they are forced to.
Like learning to be a chess champion before even being old enough to work...
In china however we have a very selective education program.
Kids are not just trained slightly different to our kids but also closely monitored on their progress.
As soon as one stands out for some skill it is subject to examination.
Being well above average here means it is an opportunity for the kid and the parents - on paper at least.
We in the western world would see it as a viscious circle though.
Over the years china developed not only a better understanding of how these special kids brains actuall do their things but also how to create tests for this purpose.
What looks like impossible or nonsense to most kids will trigger a scecific response and understand in those that are special.
We would create something that allows parents to know early on where the kid has really good skills and what activities should be promoted.
In china though the parents receive a nicer flat or some additional income while kids are send to a far away school.
Again we would refer to such a school more as a boot camp.
Discipline is at least on military levels, same is the punishment system.
In most cases families are not reunited for many years, phone or even video calls only happen in the rare times when western TV crews are allowed a sneak peak.
I just say: If a kid would see the parents often enough then it would not only know what to talk about but also be happy to talk to them - this however you won't see.
It is like they talk to some distant uncle or such.
What is really scary though is how these kids are trained to see their purpose and how important it is to be the best in what they do.
Imagine you lost your kid at an early age and the only thing you got over the year was letters from the government saying how well it is doing and that you can be proud of it.
Then it graduates and you are not even allowed to be there on that day...
After that the kid is gone for good, you get a new flat and your proud kid supports you with some nice extra income.
You don't get to know where it is working, what it is doing or if it might just be attending some university.
By any standards these graduated kids can be seen as a great number of genius young people.
Math, music, languages, science, you name it and they will have the experts aged below 20 for it.
But what do they do once school is finnished and life starts?
So far no reporter or family was able to figure it out.
Means they don't appear in some high profile company, they don't start a successful business or teach at any public or private school.
I leave it up to your imagination where thausands of kids find secret employment once they graduated....

If, at least in theory we could be able to understand all these old technologies then why don't we at least try?
Everyone has a goal, some desire a happy family and nice house, other need fame or just money to be happy.
With that comes greed.
You might have a really nice car but that does not mean you would give to some neighbour for a trip.
Even if it just a nice rose garden, you might not want to share the views with anyone.
This is true on all levels and we created a term for it "Need to know basis".
If you just operate a press in a factory then you don't need to know when or what the next job is that comes for your press.
You will know when it arrives and can check the documents attached.
You don't need to know that your council is expanding and it is only seen as a courtesy to let you know on some notice board or in the local newspaper.
And even our government does the same.
What we do from the first days of our new baby we do on all other levels in the same way.
What the baby does not need to know we won't tell or show.
But we provide all the littly anklebiter needs to develop and be happy.
Changing nappies, feeding, proving comfort when sick or having a nightmare.
Later we teach language and other skills like walking.
It goes on as you know...
Humanity as a whole is like a little kid as well.
If we would know all the little, dirty secrets then we would riot and go mad.
Things that are of no concern are nothing we need to worry about, so we don't get to know them either.
Knowing how build the latest fighter jets is seen as a thing that would give a possible enemy an advantage.
Makes a lot of sense to everyone as these things might have to protect us one day.
The questions that remain are:
If humainty is a child, then how old are we now or when do we graduate?
If there is a collection of secret and old knowledge then who owns and controls it?
What would it take to force the release of all the things people actually created for a better world and not to be locked away?

As funny as it might sound but one answer to all these questions would be to do nice orund trip in your Repulsine.
Fly over ever single country in this world.
Let their guided missle and what not chase you and once enough show then how quickly you can make a 180° turn to get behind them.
So called unimportant countries might ignore you and the people only enjoy a nice show.
Those powerful enough will fear you and think it was "the other side" showing their superiority.
Once done with your round they all will have to realise there is a new power that is at the helm now: Knowledge and understanding.
No more secrets, a repulsine for everyone who wants the plans to build one.
A new world would start.
Ever thought about that when wondering why all these "Aliens" we see in their ships in our skies never land to say hello ? ;)
Even if they would be Aliens and not just some human pilot in some experimental craft:
Shouldn't this demonstration of absolute power and control without any violence tell us something?
The Repulsine need to come back to life to end all this UFO nonsense and Alien theories out there.
You hear the sounds, see the ligh show and impossible abilities.
And suddenly most if not all UFO sightings would have a common factor again.
Just because the Repulsine is claimed to be lost and that it never actually worked despite film evidence showing the opposite does not mean there is no one using the technology.
A working Repulsine available to everyone would also kill the doubt on so many other old inventors and "fringe" scientists.
Science and physics would need to be redifined as would be able to find a lot of missing links.
I know there is not only a lot of people out there trying to get what they can about the Repulsine but also that there are others who try to prevent this.
You have a really easy time getting permission examine some old and histrically important artefact from a museum than getting just a hands on approch for what remains of the Repulsine in various places.
Not even decent 3D scans will be allowed.
Anything like just getting a tiny pipe cam inside is rejected with the excuse it could cause damage.
If the thing is a hoax and never worked then why would it be so important to never touch or move it? ;)
I recently got word that two of the remaining Repulsine "artefacts" were examined by the same group of "scientists".
This happened in the late 80's and said scientists were claimed to have had acces to a collection of spare parts for the original Repulsine that was lost after the war.
A private collector was also mentioned who denied all access but what he had in a secure storage facility appearently disappeared shortly after his refusal.
Putting all the dots and hints together it would mean that someone in the late 80's was able to get literally everything that is left of the project in his hands.
Those who claimed to have seen these scientists working on the Repulsine leftovers claim they used top notch technology to do so, including 3D scanners - and those were basically imossible to get back then for any uni out there...
The laptops used were said to use touchscreens and were connected to all sorts of equippment.
And they did it in almost total silence, like a group who studied a performance many times and knew exactly what do when and where without the need of many words.
Professional in examining something unknown all all possible levels.
I was unable to get any information on these scientist or who they worked for.
But if you are one of them and readin this then I would love to hear from you!


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7 months ago

As it will be a while until I am able to at least create a 3D printable model I decided to create boring post about the real origina of the repulsine.
the following is a summary of my years of research, following bread crumbs and speaking to people who "knew more".

The following might offend some historians, religious leaders and what you learned in school about the second world war.

Flying saucers have been spotted through history and we can still get a view of them today.
The repulsine, in more official historic documents, is discribed as an invention of Victor Schauberger.
One of his aims was to create a vortex propulsion system.
Meaning that instead a propeller pulling a plane through the air a vortex in front of the plane would pull it.
The heating and cooling effects created a slightly different model with a sole focus on refrigeration.
The principle of creating a vortex to pull things in is already long in use for fance range hoods and spot suction in the industry.
Expensive though but well, who doesn't love the stem from your pot being sucked away like a mini tornado...
And yes all about the original repulsine was based on Schaubergers observation of nature.
Watch some trout in a fast flowing creek....
They basically stand still, only need motion to change their position.
If you see them swimming in a lake or such at the same speed the water in the creek flows you get a totally different view - they move like hell to create the motion.

But Schauberger also had to work for the Nazie regime to show them his inventions so it can be determined whether or not they could support the cause.
Our history books do not mention this and even less do they mention why Adolf Hitler had such and interest in Schaubergers inventions.
The fact is that Hitler was a total techonolgy freak!
Like you might want to get your hands on the latest console games he wanted technology that did not exist.
Schauberger was just one of many inventors with unkown technologies...
I have to make a few jumps back and forth now - a bit like in this stupid movies where you get the origins of the story revealed at the end.
But if I put it into chronological order the origins of the repulsin as in the "Nazi flying saucer" get totally out of context, sorry about that.

Hitler started out as boy living in a very abusive relationship with his father.
And little known fact he was actually born in Austria, not Germany and he also grew up in Austria.
His political carre seemed to have started by accident.
He had some ideas that got him followers and he somehow had a lot of supporters right from the beginning.
I won't go into those details and just say that his role as the "Führer" was planned, just not by him.
At the dawn of his career he met several members of the VRIL society.
Said to be and ancient race with mental powers we can only dream about.
It was their beautiful women and perfect looking men that started the idea of the Arian Race.
The name is nothing but a translation of the word VRIL....
Ancient race also meant they had access to technologies that even today we struggle to re-create.
The logical conclusion for Hitler was that if there is one ancient society still around then there might be others as well.
AFAIK he did not find or made contact to any other ancient or alien race.
What he did though was to start the world largest hunt for ancient myths, stories, documents, drawing, statues and more in history.
The indian sanscritp texts for example were all fully translated into German.
Same for many other texts from other old cultures, inculding from the native american people, tribes from south america and there also literally everything noteworthy about the big ones like the Inca, Maya and more.
Every continent was explored for clues on technology that should not have existed at that time, for stories about gods and people from the stars....
Through the influence and guidance of the Vril society the scientists got a deep understanding on how things in these old relics relate to real things.
Imagine a cave man would see you landing with a fighter let just to hand you the latest edidtion of the playboy magazine.
There is no chance the cave man would be able to recreat an accurate drawing of you or your machin on the wall of his cave.
But i you know how his culture and mind worked and how much they knew about technology you can interpret.
Especially what was re-translated into scientific German from the old Indian texts about the Vimana is said to have cause Hitler total comittment to the cause.
The cause to find or re-create technology powerful enough to make HIM, not Germany world leader.
All he really wanted was knowledge.
Being a sick person since born he had severe intestinal problems.
Doctor after doctor was "removed" once treatment failed to bring him the relief he needed.
Overworked by all the war stuff but even more from his search for knowledge a very well reputed doctor was introduced.
By the same group of people who already made him the leader of Germany....
And the doc was great!
Knew all the latest treatments and medications available- thanks to his study friends and teachers.
Those were in the US and Great Britain....
And always very helpful to suggest new treatments new drugs...
Hitler got the relief he wanted and the endurance he needed.
But that was a mere side effect.
His treament increased and got weirder the close he came to finding the "Wunderwaffe" - Die Glocke, or The bell in english.
The Thyssen familie together with other influencial German families at that time had no issues dealing with the enemy.
As a matter of fact a great deal of the Nazi money was supplied by the US - through the "business" deal this Thyssen for steel and manufacturing technology.
IBM supplied the computers and punch cards to catalogise what Hitler and his scientists found.
It was so efficient and creating links between literally every single things on one card with all details on all other cards that the project got expanded.
And IBM was more than happy to provide a more basic and robust version of their punch card computer . the punch card numbers of this project ended on the arms of all the Jews rounded up in labour camps and killid by the Nazies.
Fun fact: Since IBM supplied the equipment and training and those computer were not really portable it is of course pure coincidence that not a single area around these locations was ever affected by any bombings of the allied forces.
Influencial Britisch families got married to high ranking Nazies - tolerated and supported by the regime and Britain.....
The City Of London was more or less the biggest british supported of Hitler's search for knowledge.
These families all had high ranking positions in the most secret project or were those dealing with the paper trails...
It was a well thought trough plan to get technology at a budget price.
Only downside was that good old Germany as with Austria back then was a stronghold of the catholic church.
And THEIR war again all Jews goes back all the way to the cricification of Jesus and before.
Leading Nazi officials had very strong beliefs about religion and were in church every Sunday since they were born.
A deadly mix for the Jews in Europe :(
While turning into drug addicted lunatic he extreme confidence in public appearances was nothing like the high any druggy get when snoring a long line.
Hitler had a mix of uppers when he got out of bed, morphine and worse to control his pain then a ton of meds for his "health" a bit of meth here and bit of ecstasy there, some LSD when needed and to get to sleep a potent coctail or muscle relaxants, valium and more.
Even a fully mentally stable person turns into a wrech after a year, Hitler kept going for over 7 years until the war "ended".
It was ancient maps and translations speaking from the first gods that made the turning point for his search.
The stories about what these gods were capable of in terms of technology was enough to justify one of the most secret explorations during the second world war - or to be precise: It started a bit before came to that.
One ancient city was close enough to the shore of the Antartis to risk it all.
The reamins of the old warf and docks were "found" decades later and said to be more than capable to refurbish the Graf Spee and any submarine getting there.
There was only one way to explore the icy continet and do hard work down there for the Nazies : Use the Jews :(
Thausands made it down there, not a single one came back.....
What reamined where there punch cards listing where they were sent during their imprisonment, where they worked and what, if any position the had....
It is of course pure conincidence that the area aorund this ancient city went to the US when the Antarktis was devided for "scientific research".
There are a few research station in that area.
Doing ice core drillings, taking samples from the ice free regions, seeking life in lakes under the ice...
All but one of them appears to be manned by real scientists.
I say BUT because at least one more unoffical base must exist to justify the military and navy support.
Sure, have a few military guys around for fun and to keep you safe from the polar bears....
I meant: to service vital equipment and to keep a line open for emergencies.
A compliment of several planes (outside observing range of the civil projects), heavy equipment and an estimated 2000 personel of all kind seems a bit excessive though.
In other research areas the stations get a military guy or two for the communication, most go completely without as they have all the comm systems they might need.
So what is or was down there ?

We know the base in Antartica was abandoned before te war was over, at least if the few official documents that surfaced from back then are true.
A lot of people though suspect that a good amount o people never left.
Reports of caves with good, warm climate and light speak for it.
Same for ancient buildings - not ruins...
The ancient gods of India and othe parts of the world must have come from somewhere.
And posing as a god might be fun but you would want to hang out with your own kind every now and then.
Antarctica is the only region on the planet where nature has no impact since the last ice age....
All you have to do is get to what is hiding under the ice....
The sightings of UFO's over Europe and particular southern Germany indicate that some of them must have been early models of a flying repulsine.
The flights of these early models were often discribed as "wobbling".
Like when a test pilot tries to figure how to fly something that is fast and can do impossible things but is not a plane - combine with controls that no one knows yet how to properly calibrate.
And they clearly had motor noises emitting.
A bit later a sleeker version appeared - without the dome at the bottom yet.
these models are said to have not followed Schaubergers design but instead a mix of it together with inspiration from the Indian Vimana translations.
The Vril provided the key from going away from a circular mercury core to a spherical one.
The Hanebu models indicated this change quite clearly.
Even more if you check old technical sketches of the craft.
The inner sphere was even highlighted in the drawings of the outside.
And the inner layout had a big resemblence of the structural design components of the Vimana.
Metal alloys said to have been recovered from a crashed alien craft in 1936 in the Black Forest together with reverse engeneering provided the details of the final instalment.
I still try to find any photographs of this model.
It was about 200m in diameter and had 3 three mercury spheres installed.
Some artistic drawings of claimed sightings show that this model had three domes protruding from the underside.
One "report" from a person claiming to have seen documents from that time said this huge craft utilised again some of Schaubergers principles.
Capacitor banks in the "floor" of the craft were designed to be switchable and controllable.
Same a number of coils in the ring structure, this ring also contained a single coild going around the entire ring.
The controls of this craft were a further development of what was used in the Hanebu.
Fly by (optical) wire!
Similar to trackball joystick combo the handle had a half sphere at the bottom.
And like a good ball joint is was sitting in anthother sphere.
The Hanebu used a lightbulb for an estimated 16 contact points to be made.
The big one used 128 contact points - funny how they knew about the hexadecimal system for computers....
And instead of a bulb a laser was used.
In the center of the bottom sphere is the laser shining straight up.
A mirror in the upper sphere (the joystic) reflects that light back onto the "contacts" around the hole for the laser in the bottom sphere.
Fibre optics diverted those light impulses to photo transistor or resitors - a bit unsure here as in the documents the term "Lichtempfänger" was used - Light receiver....
All the "pilot" had to do was to move the joystic for directional changes in the xy dimension.
Z was regulated by moving the arm holding the joystic up or down.
And well pushing the entire thing forward or backward defined the speed.
So intuitive that even a teen of today would figure out how to fly it in less than an hour.

Where does the killing come in and what does it have to do with the hunt for technology?
Like the church our jewish leadership "modifed" the ancient texts a bit to go with the times.
The bible "lost" a few books and vital info and good luck getting any type of access, copy or even translation of these old version of the bible from the vatican.
I gave up after nine years...
However the story is a bit different for the jewisch version of the "bible".
Both have many similar if not identical stories to tell - just with a different story writer so to say.
And unlike with good christians this old knowledge is not, or better WAS not lost.
Og course the words managed to spread somehow back in the day that the looting and confiscations of property were not just for money.
Many lewish leaders and scholars were "detained" by the Nazies to provide insight in ancient texts.
Yes, the ancient jews already knew about "aliens" and visitors from the sky.
The idea of detention came AFTER "tagging" all known jews in Nazie controlled areas.
Travel was limited if not impossible for most jews, many had no chance to get out of German controlled nightmares in time.
When the real reasons for the detention and imprisonment was realised by the jewish communities it was already too late.
And destroying these old texts and relics was something no jew would do, the died before complying.
Little known fact is that not only jews were affected here.
In Africa happened the same to leaders or people with knowledge about the ancient myths...
The idea of killing all jews came from the insane thought that detaining them would deprive Germany from food, water and vital ressources.
Who exactly planted that idea is not fully known.
Hitler in his drug induced insanity however thought that every jew of a certain level of knowledge and understanding of his culture is a threat.
No one should have the knowledge he gained....
No one should have access to the technology exept the "Die arische Rasse".
This tiny "flaw" in defining germans was and still is often overlooked by historians.
the Germs were for the war, for building, to be soldier, good wife and good kid.
The technology was always for elite race - the VRIL.

Understanding and being able to build a working mercury drive system enabled the VRIL to guide Hitler into the final weapon - The Bell.
Two mercury drives were used, one in the top, one in the bottom.
Balanced out to keep the bell fully stationary.
How well this worked is indicated by the ruins of the rin structure where it was chained to.
These two drives compressed the space time continum between them.
Where the flying model created a nice bubble to "surf" this continium a hole would be punched instead.
According to good old Einstein you can't puch a hole into space time without also creating an exit point - one can not be without the other.
Key is to create the hole with right directional vector.
This vector however is subject to the overall balance of BOTH drives - hence the appearent need to chain it down.
Chains strong enough to tow two tanks...
The project "Wunderwaffe" started to become controllable at the same time the allied forces united for their final blow....

Where do the aliens come in?
Ok, no story goes without them...
The VRIL were siad to be the decendents or "Earths watchdogs" of an alien race.
In large enough numbers their mental powers were said to be strong enough to get into contact with or whoever they came from.
Towards the end of the war UFO sightings of the same kind increased on amssive scale over south america.
Some theorists beleive the base under ice continued to explore what they found and to have provided vital compenents for the Hanebu and later projects.
The VRIL together with several close conatcs and some scientists vanished without a trace during the last days of the war.
Some say the managed to call in an alien ship as a big UFO was sighted over Freiburg on the day the vanished from a nearby base.
Others say they simply got picked up by their colleagues in Antartica with the goal to continue the exploration.
The Bell from the tests disappeared on the same day.
Some say unintentionally when during the test energy levels spiked.
Others state that there was also two VRIL on board and at the controls...
The Bell never appeared again in history or any records.

Ok, and what happened to all this great technological marvel?
Lasers, alloys, maybe even weapons?
The atomic bomb was at reach for the Nazies but Hitler terminated the project when the Hanebu test models showed success and manufacturing facilites were designed.
Some were said to manged to get to completion status and produced several key compenents before the war was over.
Like so many other targets that no pilot ever had on his list most of these facilites that had anything to do with ancient or new technology they got away unharmed.
Only a few got destroyed where it was unavoidable.
After the war all these scientists, translators and engineers that survived continued to do great work.
Like the German Space Program that landed us on the moon.
Physicists that helped to bring us the first nelear bomb test.
Scientists that helped to develop the first real lasers.
Fertilisers created by those who manufactured the supplies for the "showers" in the concentration camps.
Specialists in metallurgy that helped to create some of the strongest alloys known for the military and navy.
And the list goes on....
Some go as far as stating that WW2 was nothing but a farce.
A puppet handled by the allies to give them what they want when it is ready for the picking.
All with minimal losses to the USA and BG in comparison.
Letting it get totally out of hand and destryoing lots of Europe was considered collateral damage.
Is a surpise then that shortly after the war ended the same UFO sightings happened over US and Mexico territory with identical looking craft that were before only seen over Germany.
And for a short period over South America, mainly Brasil...
Several of those high ranking Nazies like Werher von Braun were present many times when Hitler had meetings with the VRIL....
And quite a few were involved in related projects the VRIL "controlled"...
So if you want to find the latest model of the repulsine you will find it in a hangar in the US.
Or near a a scientific research station in Antarctica...

I hope you like the story and did not mind the many typos :)


7 months ago

Wow you really know a lot about this i know i saw one that i think was of the type you are talking and this was several years ago amazing it was also it had the ability to alter the weather any info on how that was at all possible?


Reply 7 months ago

The "weather change" is more or less a byproduct of the original design.
Intention was to build a very efficient heating and cooling device.
It would be not a big problem at all (even just a simple misalignment) to let a repulsine produce super cooled or super heated air.
Do that in the right spot of a developing cold front and you can create your own tornado.
Use the right settings to create stronger than required electomagnetic field and you can even influence the weather from high up in the stratosphere.
Same basic pricinple as used by the US durig their weather control experiments using antenna arrays.


Reply 7 months ago

If you really want to figure out more details check what the "VRIL Society" had on influence over the Nazi regime and how Hitler involved several members of them as heads of secret projects.
Following the right links you will find quite detailed drawings of the early "flying saucers" based on the mercury drive principle ;)
In those old documents you can find a lot more info on the side effects of the claimed prototypes created.


Reply 7 months ago

In case you are after a few more details:
With the original design only utilising air the heating or cooling effect is literally a by product.
In a simplyied way you could see it like these industrial vortex cooling tubes.
Only difference is that the repulsine would ONLY produce one type, either cold or hot depending on the operating mode.

For the later design based on the Vimana a mercury (or mercury alloy) core was used.
Here electrical, electromagnetic and gravitational energy is produced.
This happens or happened in two possible drive options.
Type one used a donut like ring to hold the mercury and coils produced the required electromagnetic field to make the mercury spin.
Downside was the simple design.
Lots of energy was required for the coils and all this energy was wasted.
Due to the centrifugal forces of the extremely heavy mercury it was impossible to get speeds great enough to produce any meaningful gravitational effects, let alno extra energy.
Type b used a sphere to contain the mercury.
Here three rings similar to a good gyroscope mounting were driven to create a uniform motion.
Like these drawing toys for kis to create endless spirals on paper, just in all 3 dimensions.
With this type the only real energy requirement was to get these rings to optimal speeds, from there the drive would create enough usable energy through the gravitational effects created - the beauty of mercury as an energy source/medium.
If the gravitational energy is not used for propulsion it is no problem to get the drive into full load configuration and to divert the energy to create a bigger than normal space-time bubble around the craft.
Now imagine you have a warm weather area below and a section of cold weather above.
No big deal as it only creates a bit of wind.
But place our overloaded craft between these layers and you create a shortcut created by the bubble around the craft.
Once the created draft is strong enough you can even move away and your system just keeps growing by itself.

Al just theoretical though as I still don't have a working prototype ;)


7 months ago

A bit outside the usual updates but anyway...
Although a bit older than the Nazi regime our repulsine got the attention of the scientists back then.
That they had a few is nothing to doubt, but where did they come from?

Schauberger never made and claims or explanations on how he got the idea.
Keep in mind that back then computer simulations were impossible.
Whether Schauberger had access to older models or not is unknown, evidence however indicates the Nazies had at least one recovered Vimana.
Design and described way of propulsion and manufacturing in ancient writing from India show too many similarities to be ignored.
Mercury for the main drive parts, gyroscopes/motors, the generation of strong electromagnetic fields...
What is even more striking is the fact that these exact shapes and flight characteristics are mentioned in ancient texts from all over the globe.
It is a less known fact that one of the major financial sinkholes the Nazie regime had was created by the research of ancient texts and technologies.
Some of these studies made into into the open not too long ago and actually brings more questions than answers.

I have written about Antartica before, but this time it is in a different context.
Nothing like secret bases and such...
In several of the rediscovered studies a map is mentioned that claims to connect ancient "landing sites" for the Vimana.
Although labeled purely a coincidence by mainstream scientists, several of the sites in this map were "found".
Be it in Peru, Africa, Europe or in this particular case the frozen continent.
Finding a map that predates Columbus by a few thausand years is a huge deal.
Seeing that it really accurate and detailed is somewhat unexplainable.
And at least for our scientists the map becomes impossible and a fraud once you actually check the costlines of our continents.
Being an old map you expect some minor differences but not misplaced continents and islands.
This was the first blow to claim it is a fake.
Still all forensic tests clearly put the map, the ink and all right into the claimed age region in history.
Why the fuzz then?

Imagine you get an ancient map claiming to show you landing sites - apart from a lot of other things and details.
In a time when we humans did not even have any metal tools.....
Hold on now you say - I know...
The map is not from before the bronze age, it was made much later.
What matters is that is shows our cost lines and "climated" through animals and plants as our earth appeared during the last ice age - including the lost continent.
Even as a copy from some even older original this map predates the discovery of Antartica by over 500 years...
Creating more links now...

here a movies, books and more about the great King Solomon.
And unless the ancient world had a thing for using the same name for identical looking people Solomon traveld the world far and wide.
But let's just focus on two of his favourite locations - Africa and India.
Today only about 8 hours apart by plane....
If we trust the historic records and even go overboard by saying a few of his journeys might not have happened there is still a little problem left.
Considering the officially available means of transport his journeys back and to these two countries would have taken weeks at best, more likely a few months.
the conundrum our mainstream scientists won't dare to touch is the lifespan of Solomon.
He would have had to be about 4 times older than claimed just to do his travel tours without any royal duties....
And then there is all these reference, even in the bible where Solomon hands out a "flying carpet" as a gift before departing in his flying machine.
Experts (or what they claim they are) of ancient technology make it clear that King Solomon might have been the last human with knowledge on how to actually build a Vimana, or at least how to replicate them.

Mercury - really???
No matter what you say, the first thing that comes to mind for metals liquid at room temperature is Mercury.
And it has some quite unique properties as well.
Now just for those conspiracy fans out there:
The repulsine never officially existed, neither with the Nazies, nor with anyone before or after them.
The main principles of function, design and much more are literally identical to the purely fictional and mythical Vimana - after all we could not have been flying over 2000 years before even inventing a hot air balloon...
So of course it is also purely coincidential that NASA or to be precise their predecessor did perform some rather unusal studies right after the second world war ended - classified of course...
What was the reason to waste hundreds of millions into a "study"?
To explore the gravitational effects of liquid metals in a high energy rotational field.
Now let that title sink in for a moment and then try to still claim it is just coincidence...
And no surprise then either that the development of mercury and gallium/bismuth based alloys as "conductive materials for variable energy transfer" was started as well.
Officially for the purpose of cooling nuclear reactors while at the same time being able to draw energy from the coolant directly and not just through heat exchangers and steam.

The modern ways...
Except for things like low temperature thermometers and to replace mercury in relays and switches there really only seems to be nuclear technology left...
That is until you start to explore how the development of liquid alloys created other byproducts - more or less by accident.
TefenolD for example is one of those odd aloys that found new use for sound transmission.
Originally developed for sonor applications we now even have surface speakers based on this technological marvel.
One alloy with no official name is said to have enven more unique properties while being in the magical liquid metal class.
It can be magnetised in its liquid form without suffering too much from acting like a ferrofluid - it does not lump it just acts like a liquid magnet.
Biggest secret however seems to be the fact that it is quite easy to produce and that it won't require any sophisticated technology.
Why is it made such a huge secret if no one and nothing uses any technology for it?
Imagine you have a ring and magnetise a section of it.
Won't really make a good magnet unless of course you use AC instead of DC, suddenly we have our common ring transformer.
But what would actually happen if that ring would NOT BE A SOLID???
Oh, you already knew that one :(
Ok, it would cause the ring to sping like a motor while still working as the core of the transformer.
I am not good in making claims but something tells me that if you can eliminate having to pumps or manually rotate mercury the entire Repulsine or Vimano engine gets much simple and far less complex.
Just saying...
Would also allow for a very compensation of outside effects or steering input.
Instead of mechanical means you now could do it just by using some extra coils and the required power is literally waste product of the liquid alloy acting as a transformer core.
Some theroretical scientist came up with the claim that the efficiency of such a drive system would exceed 98% ....

And what about all these similar ancient claims of the return of the gods?
If we now start to consider the idea that humanity got visitors from another world long before we had more than wooden tools we have to struggle.
Same if would consider that an advanced civilisation lived in antartica long before we left our caves.
depending on which of the ancient prophecies we want to turst and how e interpret the given timeframe for the return of the claimed gods we should have seen them already...
One old text however comes without any timeframe at all despite being quite certain on the return.
In this text it is told that the gods will return when we are ready to visit them in their sky temple.
Imagine we finally make it to mars and E.T knock on your door to say hello...
Of course all this can be left to interpretations, like the end of the world happening when the Mayan calendar "ended" - which, by the way was only the negligence to allow for another digit so to say by those translating it...

Are there still flying Repulsine based craft in operation today?
Trusting offcial sources no bacause the original never existed to begin with ;)
But even unofficially the sightings have gone down steadily since the late 60's.
Some now say this is because our modern electronics would suffer from the effects of a moving Repulsine in proximity.
That would mean the generated fields are very easy to detect even in a very fast moving craft.
In context with the ancient texts though and considering the timing for our first moon missions...
Maybe we already have been visited by the ancient gods...

Either way it is just more reason to try to re-create the original or the Indian version.
The funny thing with this is that it collides with our onderstanding of evolution, both as humans and in terms of technology.
Despite quite detailed texts that resulted in modern translations that not even a basic rocket scientist could dismiss there is no (official) exploration of any of this.
I could now start an endless text of how it all comes together but I would like to leave some of this fun to you.
Maybe you discover the reasons why the Repulsine never existed or how it actually worked...
Here is the big question:

If launching a private rocket to space that now even has humans on board, then why does it require NASA?
To give you a little head start here:
NASA dropped out of space with the ending of the shuttle program.
To replace it the space race was called.
Despite about 30 companies starting initially only two got NASA funding of meanigful amounts.
Boing and well, SpaceX.
Boing was already a strong partner for NASA and SpaceX got less funding with the claim that this company already developed most of it....
Still Boing lost that race and dropped out early.
My question above comes from little facts like that it does not really cost that much in comparison to build you own launch facilities.
Same for telemetry - the worldwide net of satellite dishes provided privat services for decades.
We all know the stories of astronauts having witnessed strange encounters in space or when orbiting the moon.
Over 90% of these things are still classified and "perfectly timed" technical difficulties cut live feeds from space even today.
Not always fast enough to prevent some keen observer spotting "reasons" in the last few frames before the drop out.
Days, often weeks with no problems at all but as soon as something other than nothing appears on the camera it fails....
Isn't it good to have NASA watching out that private companies won't make certain discoveries while in space?
Not too long though and the first private pilot sits in the chair, shortly after commercail space travel is said to start - the bookings are already possible if you have the money to spare.
And if you fork out a few million for a few hours of zero gravity you might even agree to leave certain details out that might happen up there.
I just say this: If the Repulsine would an "Open source" Project that everyone could replicate we might be capable of more more than just space travel...
Think about this last bit when you wonder why it is so hard to get going with a real world, working prototype ;)


1 year ago

A little update for those still following....
It has come to my attention that the repulsine is in actual use.
Before you start jumping in joy: not is its original form or design, just in parts.
A spherical "drone" was found in a remote part of south america.
Appearently it was the same type that was witnessed many times flying in formations, including over areas in north america.
The videos showing how one object of the formation collides with another and goes down was quickly removed and I only got some snapshots at a later stage.
Be it the always funny government agency or some rich dude/company, the ones who finally found the crashed ball quickly got rid of it.
Not without some drawbacks though.
Despite being badly damaged by the crash it is climed to have made noises like a dentist drill.
And it was light as a feather despite being an about 1.2m big ball of sorts.
The screaming stopped when moving it around a bit and with that came the weight back.
Appearently 4 strong guys were then unable to lift it off the ground, only rocking it around was possible.
In one image I spotted the same Kudu antilope horn style piping like we find on the repulsines intake system.
If you ever saw how the compressor outlet of a big commercial airconditioner splits into many thin pipes going into the evaporator than imagine this like a tightly twisted system of pipes that increase in diameter while having a "dint" in one side of the pipe.
This could now mean two things for the guys liking a good conspiracy:
Either the repulsine was reverse engeneered from a similar crash or that someone perfected the design or the German model as an original idea without a crash.
I won't state the option of the newly found and disappeared sphere being not from earth for obvious reasons.
Questions that reamain:
If it was just a hoax based on the recent sightings of these spheres, then why was the original video not taken down by the uploader but by Youtube as a violation of terms?
No music, only rainforest, some people and a claimed to have crashed sphere...
Similar story for blog entries and social media as it seems.
After the ball was claimed to have been made available for sale if someone can get it out of the jungle nothing appeared in the blog anymore and less than a week later the entire profile disappeared.
And if you ever tried to fully remove you activities from lets say FB then you know that things like videos or pictures you uploaded usually stay available forever through Google searches.
Not so much in this case as those few that shared parts of the original video or images had their corresponding posts removed and their accounts frozen.
Why and under what terms and conditions?
Some people in the so called "dark web" still have copies of everything but even those are now very reluctant to share any of it or to post it.
The best I could find out after a lot of nagging was that appearently the dark web is not so dark anymore and that people get more careful now....
When mentioning the repulsine in the relation to the now missing contents everywhere and no trace left of the people in the video I got the hint that appearently two fully working orginals are still existing and under lock and key....
The bigger one being about as wide as two train cars.
The mysteries never end with technologies we are supposed not to have...


1 year ago

Part 6.

Some people still claim the Repulsine was some sort of anti-gravity craft or device.
If that would have been the case then the Repulsine would not have had the requirements for the complex air outlet and intake system.
We can not create anti-gravity.
Same way we can not create anti-electricity or light.
But like the above we can bend gravity to our will.

If you see gravity as a visibile thing then you would see how things are affected by it like leaf by wind.
And like a bright light we we would only be able to see what affects us most.
You might have seen documentaries about some of our new technolgies that use magnetic fields, like the Hedron collider.
But even a "simple" thing as the magnetron in your microwave utilise the effects harmonic fields to contain a high energy field or impulse.
The repulsine utilised a similar "simple" technique to create a lens like field that guides gravity around it.
Like the perfect invisibility cloak just not for light....
And surpisingly not really much energy was required either.
Take the bad and over-simplyfied comparison of a ping pong ball in the outlet airsteam of your vacuum cleaner.
The ball is held in place at the point where the air rushing aorund it stabilises it.
If the airstream would not divert then the ball would travel along with like on a laser beam.
The intersting thing with this childish approach is that the ball appears to be stable at the distance to the outlet even if the direction changes a bit.
Only once gravity is stronger than the holding ofrce of the airstream the ball drops out.
The Repulsine did the same thing.
Difference was though that it had to create the "ball" first and that gravity is not contained into a narrow stream but omnidirectional from its center.
As a perfect sphere the forces around the Repulsine are equal around the hull.
What is left between the "poles" is compensated by the airstream.
With highly compressed gravity field lines (forgive the term if you are a physicist!) even slight variations of the Repulsine's field will act like the wing of a plane.
In one area the "speed" of the travelling field needs to change and the Repulsine is dragged into this direction.

So, no anti-gravity, no violation of our known laws of physics.
Just a way to exclude and object from a field of energy ;)


1 year ago

Part 5.
Movement theories..
The claims of insane speeds and impossible turns seem to contradict what a human pilot would be able to endure.
According to some claims the claimed movements and documented flights suggest G-forces in excess of 15g !
If claims of more than 90° turns at full speed are true we would be looking at forced that crush you like a fly under your car tyre...

Plasma has weird properties...
We know plasma as a form of high energy particles, often used for cutting steel and other things.
Flouroscent lamps also have a form of plasma inside when the glow.
And the famous Elm's fire is a form of electrical discharge plasma.
Plasma in some sense is also what you get when you seperate molecules - the enrgy needs to go somewhere.
The entire Repulsine design claims include variable magnetic, electrical and electromagnetical fields.
But also that air is being seperated and accelerated so much that a vacuum forms between the molecules.
Static electricity comes to mind here...
A plasma as we know forms best in a vacuum - like inside the wave discs in several sections.
Unlike our modern plasma it is a cold plasma.
And if claims are again true than we end with two different potentials.
Insideat one extreme and outside as the other extreme.
Unused energy needs to go somewhere and that means the only way is to generated a plasma field around the hull.
Like with some magnet toys you get the attraction from the inner potential but the plasma can't get past the same potential on the outer hull.
Like a bubble or "force field" it will go around the hull without ever touching it.

With the high energy plasma comes the magnetic field.
And with that the electromagnetic field.
If I get my sorting of old claims and informations correct than the theory of fast and impossible movements goes like this:
Gravity is something we all know but most people don't understand.
One mass is attracted by another in a vacuum and without gravity.
Means that the gravity the objects create attract each other.
And if one is significantly bigger then the smaller one will be accelerated faster.
Explains why the Apple hit Newton on the head...
No, not like that! - His head was just in the direct line to earth's center of mass and gravity ;)
If gravity then is a form of energy it can be manipulated.
Same with mass as one can not be without the other.
Reduce the mass of an object to zero and you have no big problems anymore getting it to lightspeed.
A full compensation however would mean you have an exact opposing force for this at your disposal.
And that in any way we know would simply violate our laws of physics again.

What if?
Some claims clearly state that the people inside did not feel any movement at all.
They did not even require seats or safety belts during high speed turns.
In those claims it is said the Repulsine was shielded from all those negative effects.
Also that only during low speed operations the people got sea sick and felt the craft moving in all directions.
But going from zero to full speed at an instant did not even cause a bottle of water to fall over.
All "crew areas" were located below the top half.
If the combined and harmonic fields create their own gravitational "bubble" then indeed no movement would be felt inside.
Otherwise we would have a hard time holding on to our ground at the speed our planet moves through the universe - our own gravity protects us from the effects.
And same for the effects of the rotations around the sund, galaxy and so on - they all canel each other out almost perfctly.
A gravity bubble around the Repulsine would also mean that even slight changes in the outer field would produce massive forces onto the craft.
Or to be precise: onto the outer field without affecting the inner as they cancel each other out!
The strategic location 120° apart of the "generators" allows for a very easy directional control of the field.
One interesting observation here was that the glowing around the Repulsine was affected by movement.
At low speeds it was said to be like a big glowing bubble.
But during fast manouvers this bubble shrunk to a dense and brightly glowing "ring" around the Repulsine.
It basically explain how the added air intake cuase the the field around the Repulsine to shrink and intensify.
The air needs to pass and is ionised while passing the glowing plasma bubble.
This "drag" pulls the bubble closer to the hull and compresses it.
Similar story when accelerating fast.
Here the field is manipulated directly through the generators.
At full capacity they create a compensation for the inner field while intensifying the hull polarity.
The plasma is drawn closer and then directional impulse will have the maximum effect.
Combined it allowed for the seemingly impossible operating qualities.


1 year ago

Part 3.
Free energy or such things?
If we trust the reports then the Repulsine was capable of self sustaining motion one started and running.
Similar to the "Forellenturbine" the claim was the energy comes from medium itself.
And considering the heating and cooling capabilities claimed it makes sense.
In a flying system however we need some sort of control.
Imagine a sudden change in air pressure, like when going over a mountain range and the thing would go out of control....
Some former Nazi documents claim that no combustion engines were used but instead a system of three motors and generators.
Whether or not these motors and generators were one unit or independent is unclear though.
According to some drawing they were located in the small domes protruding from the bottom.
Electrical energy has to come from somewhere and mechanical energy from a motor needs to go somehwere.
The location of these units allow for several options.
Directly connected to the moving parts, being used as gyroscopic stabilizers, providing electricity for the on board systems...
But considering the early designs there wouldn't be any other need for them but to start the rotation until it keeps running by itself.
Battery start and starter motors if you like.
The strong claims of plasma being created provide a source of energy that can be fed into the units so they indeed would act as stabilizers.
Otherwise the domes wouldn't have to be that big, only a big counterweight or flywheel would require this design.

At low speeds the gyroscopes can change the horizontal balance of the Replusine and allow for basic flight operations and stabilisation.


1 year ago

Part 2.
What made the Repulsine tick?
If we look at available images or what other people found out on details then it is quite confusing at first.
Ignoring all this and trying to see the machine in its full glory and with all parts at the right place changes the perspective.

It is clear that it rotated but it did not rotate on the outer hull.
Only the top cone did and in some claims a center ring between top and bottom half - I don't take this ring for granted as there is not evnough evidence to support this claim.
Either way, if something rotates inside but not outside then we need some sort of compensation.
Like a helicopter without tail rotor the Repulsine would otherwsie spin out of control - like the early cooling models did.
The intakes in the upper cone have a dual purpose.
Firstly they prepare the incoming air for the right spin direction.
Secondly they act like an omnidirctional wind turbine.
The later means that air moving around the cone would also add to the spinning motion.
All that comes after spins in the same direction, so how can it be possible to compensate this?

My theory on this goes like this:
The nozzle outlets at the end of the inner and rotating part add to the spin by the direction.
However, the fins in the section of the outer hull where this air passes through are orientated in the opposite direction.
Like in a turbine or good ducted fan this does now two things:
a. The hull is stabilised in its stationary position through the air going through the fins.
b. The angles of nozzles and fins are aligned so that a high pressure zone is formed beween them.
These two functions allow that the excess air can be directed into the inner hull.
As part of the inner hull operates below outside air pressure a pulsating effect is created.
Each time a nozzle passes from a fin gap to a fin body.
The frequency of this pulsing equals the puising created by the wave discs but is out of phase by 180°.
By adjusting the low pressure of the inner hull section the system is stabilised without any need for complex systems.
As the amount of "vacuum" defines how much air can be taken in, both lift and rotational speed of the inner section can be controlled.


1 year ago

Part 1.
People have tried for a long time to even understand why the name Repulsine was selected for this great machine.
So lets start with some history.

Originally the Repulsine was intendet to be used as a heating or cooling device - depending on the way of operation.
In one configuration it was able to cool down a quite big room full of people by 10° within a few minutes.
In the other configuration it would increase the room temperature as quickly.
Main aim was to provide a cheaper and cleaner alternative to wood or coal fired fireplaces and heaters.
Gas was available but most homes did not have any connection anyways.
During tests it became evident several times that the machine started to develop some sort of unwanted behaviour.
One destroyed itself by spinning out of control despite the motor already disconnected from power.
Some others literally took off and went crashing through ceilings.
These unwanted effects then became of interest to change the general design idea.
Instead of the first real airconditioner it was transformed into a flying machine.