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Repurpose Bluetooth Chip from Wireless Headphones? Answered

I've got a pair of Bluetooth headphones that I'm pretty sure is about to kick the bucket; they don't hold a charge properly and they seems to be falling apart.  Kinda what I get for being cheap I guess.

I don't feel like spending money on getting a new LiPo battery to attempt to fix anything (especially considering shipping, etc. repairs will probably cost more than the headphones themselves), and so I was wondering if I could take out the Bluetooth chip inside and repurpose it for some other project with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, probably for transmitting data from a sensor.

A side note, if there are any ways I can refurbish the headphones themselves in a way that's worth the time, money, and effort, I'd like to hear about that, as well.

Thank you!


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4 years ago

You will have a hard time with data as the thing only transmits audio, you would need some sort of acoustic coupler like in the old days of computing.
UV glue or fibreglass resin can fix a lot of broken plastics, ABS can be "welded" using Acetone and if you look around you might find a suitable sized battery in the replacement section for cordless phones - often with much higher ampere hour ratings.