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Repurposing a Sonicare wireless charger into a Galaxy S3 charger- anyone tried that? Answered

Hi All,

I have a spare Sonicare Flexcare travel charger, which is used to wirelessly charge my toothbrush.
I've tried to charge a Nexus phone with it, but it didn't charge - I think this can be for two reasons - some kind of incompatibility, or the distance was too high due to the little round bulge on the charger.

Does anyone have an idea if this might work? I didn't want to remove the bulge before some inputs from the forum :-)

To charge a Galaxy S3 I'd need an insert to stick to the battery, but that's cheap enough.



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6 years ago

You are trying to mix digital with analogue ;)

You thoothbrush is basically a transformer with it's primary windings in the base and the secondary windings in the toothbrush.

The "bulge" is part of the matal core of the transformer.
To charge a phone or tablet is needs to support the near field charge, either directly or with a "mat" that connects on the inside and covers the battery.
The main difference is that they use different frequencies and a much wider magnetic field to transmit the energy.
If you substitude the insides of your toothbrush with the QI charging for the phone/tablet it might work but be too bulky ;)


Reply 6 years ago

Thanks for pointing out the frequencies differences. I assume the same goes for wireless car chargers etc.

While I was able to easily find the Qi spec for wi-charge, I couldn't find it for the Sonicare.