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Repurposing a cell phone Li-Ion battery for a project? Answered

I have a quick question. I made myself an electronic cigarette that runs off of AAA batteries. It works quite well, it has a heavier hit than those commercial e-cigs like Blu. The only problem is, probably because I keep smoking it like a regular cigarette, the batteries don't last long. There may be another underlying reason, but I'll deal with that later.

I have three 3.7v Li-Ion batteries laying around that I used to use with my HTC G2.
My question is: could I repurpose these batteries as a power source for my e-cig?

I've seen some articles on repurposing them, but they don't exactly explain the method.
Does it only require making the positive and negative contact as noted on the battery?
So...out of four contacts, I'd only be using the two?


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7 years ago

Headlines might read "Exploding e-cig battery kills". The difference with li-ion batteries is that if they are not electronically monitored in how fast they discharge or how they are recharged, they can overheat possibly causing a dangerous situation. I believe the other contacts are for the data monitoring.


Reply 7 years ago

Fair enough. I kind of thought as much, but I hadn't found any confirmation. I'd seen a few people re-purpose the batteries, so I figured it just might be open game.
Although, thinking back, a couple of the projects simply took the entire motherboard out of the phone in order to implement the batteries.