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Request: DIY LED Nightlight Outlet Cover Answered

Hi all,

I have been scouring the web and have yet to find what I am looking for.  I have seen a couple of different LED lights embedded in outlet covers and switchplates, but I need to do-it-myself because whoever cut the outlet holes in my house clearly had the shakes, and I want to convert the larger size custom covers I need to have LED lights especially for the kitchen and the bathrooms.  I also want to put them into covers that have unusual configurations, such as two outlets and a switch, etc.

I have a few things I need.  (1) it cannot prevent full use of the outlet (I don't have any to spare)  (2) I need to be able to use amber lighting so as not to have the normal blue of standard white LED lighting wake me up, which should be easy enough.  (3) I would really love to be able to add them to GFCI outlets, too, but my understanding of how those work is limited.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.  I'm good with electronics right up until it involves building your own circuits, but my electrical skills pretty much top out at re-wiring a lamp, understanding how many amps it is safe to pull in a house circuit and how not to electrocute myself.

I want to do this right, so it's stable long term and safe.  Again, thanks for any help, folks.




2 years ago

Problem is that those things are designed to be conform with local laws and regulations.
Modifying them can be a problem for any insurance you might have if something does go wrong.
Noone would really care if a fire started from the added LED's or a fault with something connected, they only see a modified outlet...
Back in the day we could replace literally every switch in a house with one that had a glow lamp build in.
For some weir reason they are fully abandoned now wherever I look :(
There are places where you get "illuminated" covers, switches and outlets but they do come at a price, especially if you have no local supplier.

One alternaive might be to use radioactivity ;)
-No joke, the new (or better old) glow sticks are available with a hard plastic sheel holding a glas vial.
Inside is a mix of glow powder and a tiny amount of radioactive material emitting alpha waves.
Not nearly strong enough to make it though the glass and harm you but good for 10 years of light.
I got them for fishing in green, blue and something between purple and pink in color.
Around 4 bucks each on Ebay...


Reply 2 years ago

I can see your point about regulations. Snap-something is still selling theirs and another company as well. They seem well made, but won't work for my application, and taking them apart to retrofit leaves me back in dangerous territory.