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Request For Recommendations: Disk/partition imaging software Answered

. I'm having some problems upgrading WindowsXP to SP3 on my daughter's computer. Fresh install. I can get the OEM WinXP Pro SP1a and the drivers installed OK. SP2 installs without any problems. So far, all software installs without a hitch under SP2. Upgrading to SP3 causes Windows Update to fail (updates download, verify, and attempt to install) and I can no longer install programs. I've tried installing SP3 at several places in the process, starting after the SP2 upgrade.
. I'm looking for a free program to create/restore a disk image of a HDD or partition. I want to create snapshots after each step, so I can do a quick restore if the experiment fails. There are several free apps available, but none seem to meet my requirements. The direct-to-disc feature seems to be one feature missing from all of the freebies.
. Anybody know of a free imaging app that will:

  • run installed under Windows, but must be able to image the boot/system drive/partition
  • no-install run under Windows from CD/DVD/USB
  • Boot/run any OS from CD/DVD

Image files:
  • prefer direct to CD/DVD.
  • save, in CD- or DVD-sized chunks, to another HDD/partition (same HDD/Prtn would be nice as would using LAN drives)
  • compression of data would be nice. Ignoring empty space is required.
  • where possible, use images/compression/&c that will be compatible with other programs.

  • free!
  • First data disc should be bootable (created when saving to CD/DVD) and have app to restore image. Booting from a separate idsc would be OK.
  • browsing files/folders in image would be nice, but not required.



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12 years ago

Well, I don't know about imaging programs, but why are upgrading SP2 to SP3? SP2 is the big one... Are there any major differences in SP3?


Reply 12 years ago

. It just seems like the thing to do. I don't get my hands on her computer very often and want it to be as up-to-date as possible when she picks it up. If I can't get SP3 to work, the imaging sw will make it easy to go back to what I have right now - SP2 with all the software installed.