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Request: Non-Alpha Characters in Titles to Designate Awards Answered

Dear Instructables Administration:

While downloading Instructables as PDF files, I like to edit the name of the file with the following convention at the end of the title:

How_to_Make_Mashed_Potatoes (*++).pdf

The part that looks like this (*++) indicates that the instructable has been featured (*) and has been a finalist in 2 contests (++).

This lets me peruse my downloaded instructables within a given category (I file them by project type) and find one that is really top-of-the-line at a glance.

Would it be possible and/or acceptable to have this sort of suffix automatically added to the title of downloads by the instructable web site? This would save much time and effort for me and anyone else who was interested in this luxurious little feature. Perhaps it could be included as a preference check-box for those who did (or didn't) want this feature enabling them to choose it? Would the code to do this be difficult to implement?

I hereby request this feature for pro members!

Timothy Nugent


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6 years ago

Try the feedback section of the forums. Then it will actually get the attention of the site developers.


As i understand it the PDF for any given indestructible is generated when it's first published. Not sure when an update takes place but i'm pretty sure it happens some time after the instructable gets an edit. Therefor the instructable hasn't had a chance to get featured or win any contests. I think forcing an update on the PDF would require some work on the developer's side. Probably not something worth their time IMHO.


6 years ago

You don't know much about filenames ;)
You can use the * in a filename as it is an asterisk.
And I don't see the point for changing a filename:
a) An Instructable might get featured after you already downloaded the file.
Changing the filename before saving is really no problem - some people
claim to do it as simple as using a right click on the link as select
"save as" to change the filename.
c) Using a dedicated folder for featured Instructables would be quiete easy too if you struggle with renaming filenames.
d) Same story for contest winners....

And what is the point in having this request on your member page? ;)

mean I can understand the need for something in this region for a
collector but in such a case I would prefer to create my own little
database for the job.
Even programs for archiving music and videos
could be "misused" for this if you don't want to create your own
implementation - which would make a good Instructable by the way ;)
way one could not only search for the features you seek but also
directly search for authors, categories or even the materials used - all
a matter of defining variables, icluding a link to the Instructable or
authors member page to check for updates.
Why go simple if you can do it properly....

I am a pro member but I never felt the need for a general change of the downloadable PDF files :(

By the way: I really think there are better sections than "Technology" for making requests like this and I don't mean your member page.
Like the Feedback or Pro Member section in the forum....